Airship of the future


A project has been developed for a comfortable airship, reminiscent of a five-star hotel, for traveling from London to New York

For some 37 hours and a fairly immodest amount, the liner will deliver wealthy ballooning enthusiasts from London to New York or vice versa. The Aircruise airship resembles a huge and multifunctional hotel rather than an aircraft. On board, in addition to comfortable rooms, there will be a swimming pool, a gym, several restaurants, a playground and a cinema, as well as many viewing platforms.

A large-scale and fantastic project was developed by the Seymourpowell design bureau. Despite the fact that the airship is elongated in a vertical plane and bears little resemblance to standard airships, it is capable of a cruising speed of 100 — 150 km/h. According to calculations, the flying hotel will be able to rise to a height of up to 3.6 kilometers, flying not only over all the sights, but also over mountain ranges. As a source of energy, solar panels and hydrogen cells are used, from which clean water is also obtained. The height of the airship will be 256 meters, and the total volume of hydrogen tanks will be more than 330,000 cubic meters. Because 1 cubic meter of hydrogen can lift up to 1.2 kg into the air, then this volume is quite enough to lift 396 tons of weight.

Project manager Nick Talbot says that the airship will make its first flight no earlier than in 5-7 years, and the ticket price will be from 300 to 700 thousand dollars.

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