Ukrainian national expedition to the Himalayas starts tomorrow


On March 27, mem­bers of the Ukrain­ian expe­di­tion to con­quer the fifth peak of the world, Mount Makalu in the Himalayas, depart from Kyiv.

The nation­al team of Ukraine was formed accord­ing to the results of many com­pe­ti­tions and gath­er­ings of the 15 best climbers of the coun­try in the Cau­ca­sus. On March 27, a team of 10 ath­letes and 4 lead­ers will fly from Kyiv to the UAE, and from there to Kath­man­du. The entire expe­di­tion will last 2 months, and up to a month is allot­ted for the ascent. The height of Mount Makalu (Black Giant) is 8,463 meters. This fifth high­est peak in the world is locat­ed on the bor­der of Nepal and Chi­na.

Ukrain­ian climbers will climb the south­west­ern slope along the route of the high­est cat­e­go­ry of dif­fi­cul­ty, which no one has climbed before. It is much more dif­fi­cult than the clas­sic route to Ever­est, because most of the obsta­cles and dif­fi­cul­ties await ath­letes after 7 thou­sand meters. The route includes ice, rock and snow fields, sheer walls and many oth­er dif­fi­cult obsta­cles, and will end with an exit to the west­ern ridge of the peak.

Weath­er con­di­tions for climb­ing are opti­mal only in spring or autumn. Despite the cool­er tem­per­a­tures, climbers chose the spring sea­son due to more sta­ble weath­er con­di­tions and the absence of mon­soons. How­ev­er, ath­letes in any case expect a lack of oxy­gen and frost from 20 to 50 degrees below zero.

Such ascents are held only once every 3–4 years, because it is very dif­fi­cult to orga­nize and finance them. The Min­istry of Fam­i­ly Affairs, Youth and Sports helped orga­nize the expe­di­tion, and spon­sors cov­ered many of the costs of equip­ping ath­letes.

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