If you dream of a perfect posture, want to get a load on all muscle groups, and enjoy an incomparable experience, jolie jumping is just what you need!

Jolly jumping — translated from English means — jumping. Jumping is carried out using curved stilts — jolly jumpers. And, despite the fact that this sport has appeared quite recently, lovers of thrills and outdoor activities have already become interested in it.

History of occurrence

Jolly jumping first appeared in 1954 in the US, in the state of California. Two local professional acrobats — Tom Weaver and Bill Gaffney invented strange stilts with springs, which they called Pogo stilts (grasshopper stilts). The guys took to the streets of the city and entertained local onlookers with their tricks. The biggest disadvantage of this invention was that it was beyond the power of ordinary people to jump with the help of an interesting device, because only a person with acrobatic training could stand on such stilts.

In 2004, grasshopper stilts were patented by the enterprising German Alexander Bock. In honor of him, Pogo stilts began to be called — sides, and the type of movement with the help of stilts — bocking. Later, grasshopper stilts received another name — jolly jumpers, and the sport — jolly jumping. Because of their bizarre shape, the jumpers were also called by other names: Poweriser (amplifiers), Powerjumpers (power jumpers), Flyjumper (flying horse, fly), Bouncers (jumpers), Moonjumper (moon horse), Flyhoppers (jumpers), Dino Legs ( dinosaur feet), etc.

What is jolie jumping?

Jolly jumping is a sport that combines entertainment, sports training and outdoor activities. Movement in this sport occurs with the help of jolly jumpers. The design of these modified stilts is very simple. They consist of:

  • arches or springs (made of fiberglass), which quite easily unbends and bends under the weight of a person
  • plastic foot, which is attached to the rubber sole, safety straps (knee and shin are fixed)
  • aluminum and plastic frame and the lower part of the stilts, which is made of rubber

It should be noted that the quality of safe movement on jumpers depends primarily on the spring. For each athlete or amateur, the spring must be selected individually, according to the weight category. The size range of springs ranges from 25 to 120 kilograms. In some cases, with a very large weight, jumpers are made to order.

On these peculiar stilts, you can move at a speed of approximately 30-40 kilometers per hour and jump to a height of up to 2-3 meters, do various tricks, jumps, flips, etc. It all depends on your level of physical fitness. Many professional jumpers claim that learning to walk on stilts is no more difficult than learning to ride a bicycle. However, this is not quite true. Learning to walk on jolly jumpers, and even more so to perform tricks of varying degrees of difficulty, is only necessary under the supervision of an experienced instructor. In jully jumping, it is better to avoid self-study attempts. Protective equipment (wrist pads, helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) must be worn when practicing this sport. If you want to do jolly jumping on a more professional level, then it is advisable to add a protective vest to the basic outfit.

Jolly jumping or bocking, as it is also called, has almost no age restrictions. You can practice this sport from the age of 4. Therefore, manufacturers of sports jumper simulators have released separate series for children and adolescents, as well as for people with different weight categories.

Interestingly, although this sport is relatively young, it has already gained popularity in many countries. And, not only as amateur entertainment. Official jolie jumping competitions are regularly held around the world in several categories:

  • 100 meters sprint
  • long jump
  • High jump
  • freestyle
  • complex (include all of the above categories)

jolie jumping

The benefits of jolly jumping

In addition to positive emotions from the flight and excellent sensations, the biggest plus in this sport is that you can lose weight in a short period of time. Regular walking on jumpers will practically replace your gym and fitness club. After all, jolly jumpers are a kind of simulators, with the help of which all muscle groups work hard.

In addition, this sport, despite its extreme nature, has a positive effect on the entire human body and the cardiovascular system in particular.


In any sport, it is difficult to do without injuries, bruises, bruises, sprains and even fractures. That is why the safety rules should not be ignored. Beginner jumpers should remember:

1) At the training stage, you should not do walking, jumping and running on your own without an instructor.

2) In order for the springs not to get tangled, it is necessary to stretch the legs forward when walking.

3) In order to get up after a fall, use someone else’s help.

3) Do not use jumpers on large highways, narrow roads, stairs and uneven surfaces.

4) Be sure to wear protective gear.

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