Buggy — active recreation and a sea of ​​​​adrenaline


A bug­gy ride is a won­der­ful and, most impor­tant­ly, fair­ly safe vaca­tion that pro­vides an adren­a­line rush and a huge boost of ener­gy.

His­to­ry of occur­rence

The first appear­ance of the bug­gy was record­ed in the fifties in the Unit­ed States. It all start­ed with the fact that already worn-out and unsuit­able for nor­mal dri­ving cars were used for active pas­time, which often did not have doors, wings or a body. Rac­ers on such machines drove at high speed through sand pits, some­times com­pet­ing with each oth­er. Bug­gy pro­to­types quick­ly took root, and soon whole autocross shows began to be pur­pose­ful­ly arranged. After some time, the pop­u­lar­i­ty of this pas­time spread out­side the Unit­ed States.

In the USSR, the first bug­gies appeared in the ear­ly sev­en­ties. Usu­al­ly they were mod­i­fied from such cars as Zhiguli, GAZ-69, Zaporozhets, Moskvich. And in 1972, a group of stu­dents of the Togli­at­ti Poly­tech­nic Uni­ver­si­ty began to devel­op a project for the first cross-coun­try car. The mod­el received the des­ig­na­tion B‑2901 and was a two-seater sports and tourist car assem­bled on the basis of the Zhiguli, where the engine was locat­ed in front and the rear wheels were dri­ving. Three years lat­er, the cre­ation of the machine was com­plet­ed. Safe­ty arcs were weld­ed to the space frame, made of pipes, and alu­minum and plas­tic body pan­els were attached, which lat­er became a hall­mark of all bug­gies. Thanks to care­ful design, the weight of the B‑2901 was reduced to 750 kilo­grams.

The Togli­at­ti-made bug­gy made a suc­cess­ful debut at one of the autocross­es, and eye­wit­ness­es not­ed the high sta­bil­i­ty, cross-coun­try abil­i­ty, speed and maneu­ver­abil­i­ty of the car. The inven­tion of this car prompt­ed the Avto­VAZ plant to estab­lish the pro­duc­tion of bug­gies in the lab­o­ra­to­ry of sports and rac­ing cars, which fur­ther con­tributed to the con­stant search for oppor­tu­ni­ties for the devel­op­ment of bug­gies in the post-Sovi­et space.

Sports bug­gy class­es

Today in the world there are sev­er­al class­es of sports bug­gies.

Bug­gy for tro­phy raids

They rep­re­sent the most light­weight all-wheel dri­ve ver­sion, built on the basis of off-road vehi­cles for pass­ing sec­tions of com­plete off-road.

Com­fort­able and light beach bug­gy

Designed for move­ment on almost flat sandy sur­faces. It is these bug­gies that are often used for tourist and recre­ation­al pur­pos­es.

Tri­al com­pe­ti­tion bug­gies (crawlers)

These bug­gies are capa­ble of over­com­ing any nat­ur­al (in the form of rocks, for exam­ple) and arti­fi­cial obsta­cles.


Mod­ern use of the bug­gy

The main area of ​​​​use of bug­gies is cross-coun­try cross-coun­try. But rac­ing is not the only area of ​​​​appli­ca­tion for such an orig­i­nal vehi­cle. There are also walk­ing bug­gies used for trav­el­ing on asphalt. In addi­tion, due to its sta­bil­i­ty, the bug­gy is ide­al for ama­teur out­door activ­i­ties.

This car is reli­able, which means it can pro­vide the nec­es­sary safe­ty for the dri­ver in an acci­dent. Due to its abil­i­ty to with­stand heavy loads, as well as maneu­ver­abil­i­ty, the bug­gy is great for car­a­van­ning.

The vec­tor of appli­ca­tion of the bug­gy in the mod­ern world is so wide that it is even used in the armies of some coun­tries, for exam­ple, in Israel, for patrolling.

To con­trol the bug­gy, you need to take train­ing cours­es. You can also dri­ve a tourist and recre­ation­al bug­gy only after instruc­tions.

Inter­est­ing Facts

Often, bug­gies are assem­bled by motorists on their own, in order to lat­er use a home-made car to par­tic­i­pate in races or extreme trav­el. There are entire com­mu­ni­ties of car enthu­si­asts who share draw­ings with which you can assem­ble a bug­gy, avoid­ing sig­nif­i­cant costs. Of the com­pa­nies engaged in the pro­duc­tion of main­ly plea­sure bug­gies, the most famous is Mey­ers Manx, which has been pro­duc­ing its cars since the six­ties of the last cen­tu­ry.

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