The rest of his life can be spent in prison by a principled Englishman for traveling around the UK in the nude

Stephen Howe in 2003 and 2006 already made nudist trips to the UK. In 2003, during the journey, he was arrested 14 times, and more than 140 nights Stephen spent in prison. But the next time the traveler took his friend Melanie Roberts with him. Of course, she also went naked.

Unlike England and Wales, Scottish laws are stricter, so Stephen’s main problems arose there. Almost all the time since 2003, Stephen has spent in Scottish prisons. And even in prison, he follows his iron principles and does not wear clothes. And appearing naked in the courtroom, Stephen again goes to jail for contempt of court. The sheriff of the city of Perth, where the principled traveler is now serving his term, offered Stephen bail if he wears anything. As you might guess, the nudist refused, walked out of the prison naked and was again taken into custody.

Stephen Gau says that this is a fundamental issue of personal freedom and tolerance of the people around. Indeed, in most cases, people react to it quite normally.

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