Horse riding has recently become more and more popular, because it is a great opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the city and a way to recharge the internal battery.

From time immemorial, this noble animal has been not just an assistant to a person in labor, a means of transportation in peacetime and a faithful companion in war, but also a symbol of courage, strength, intelligence and victory. Therefore, it is not surprising that horse riding, equestrian tourism and just horseback riding have not lost their popularity for centuries. And if only a few are professionally engaged in horseback riding as a sport, then horseback riding is now available to almost everyone.

Are you going for a horseback ride? Some tips for beginners

Before you go on a horseback ride, you need to learn tolerably how to stay in the saddle and ride. To do this, almost all coaches advise taking a riding course in an arena or parade ground lasting at least 20-30 hours. And only then it will be possible to master horseback riding in the forest or in the field.

Often people think that under the guidance of an instructor, the horse is absolutely safe, and in the very first lesson a beginner can ride a horse. This is not so, in communicating with a horse, the main thing is your experience and knowledge. Horses are animals with character, and among them there are “fillies with character” that will easily arrange a “fun life” for you. Therefore, be careful and do not take unnecessary risks, besides, the average horse weighs about 400 kg — and this is no longer a joke.

When going for a horseback ride or a riding lesson, dress appropriately. You are not going to the beach, so choose comfortable and soft clothes that do not rustle, this can scare the horse.

The horse is a very sensitive animal, so it must be handled, do it not loudly, calmly, confidently, avoiding sudden movements and screams. You should approach the horse from the front, to the left shoulder, you can not approach from behind.

It is worth paying attention to the choice of the equestrian club itself. Read the reviews of visitors on the Internet or in specialized magazines. Having chosen a club, visit it, do not rush to sign up — take a closer look. The stables of the club should be clean and tidy — this is the best way to say about the attitude of the staff to work. Pay attention to the condition and grooming of the horses. Satisfied, well-fed and healthy rental horses are the best advertisement for the club.

Take a closer look at the ammunition — it must be in good condition (you should use it). Make sure that the club pays enough attention to safety — the students wear helmets and the smallest ones wear protective vests, whether they give instructions on safety rules and handling the horse, whether instructors help beginners to saddle and clean the horse. If you have any doubts take a trial lesson. All liked it? Then sign up!

When the club is selected, it remains to choose an instructor. To do this, it is recommended to read reviews, ask friends who are fond of horse riding, or just visitors to the club, they will definitely recommend someone to you. It is not difficult to ask to enroll yourself or a child with an instructor who is recommended to you, because this is a guarantee of your safety and a pleasant stay. And remember: when working with a horse, the instructor or trainer is fully responsible for you or your child, so you must strictly comply with all requirements and instructions.

Places and routes for horseback riding

And if you still decide to take a horse ride or just take a few riding lessons, then there are quite enough places for this in Kyiv and the Kyiv region:

The equestrian sports complex «Magnat» is located 10 km from Kyiv near the Kyiv-Borispol highway in the Boryspil district, Chubinskoe village, st. Lypneva 1. The complex includes 3 stables, 1 indoor arena and 2 outdoor arenas, a veterinary clinic, as well as a restaurant, a hotel complex, a conference room for 30 people. The complex is one of the main venues for holding international, national and amateur tournaments, a good level of rental organization. But horseback riding in nature is not provided for in the services, and classes are held in an indoor or outdoor arena. So this place is more suitable for beginners to take a few riding lessons than for those who are already in the saddle and just want to ride in nature for a bit.

The stable of Alexei Butenko is located at Boryspil district, s. Protsev, st. Komsomolskaya, 12 and offers an indoor modern arena, a dressing room, jumping and warm-up fields with a modern and reliable surface, a stable for 30 stalls with options such as a solarium, a sink, gymnastic simulators, experienced trainers and bereiters, a company restaurant, a hotel, a sauna.

Equestrian club «Bolivar» is located in the village. Health, st. Shchorsa, 114 in the Vasilkovsky district. The club consists of two stables with 42 horses, the construction of an equestrian sports complex is nearing completion, which includes another stable for 40 stalls, an indoor arena measuring 24×62 meters, a sandy field for overcoming obstacles, an open arena for dressage, an open round arena for dressage, springgarten. On the territory of Bolivar there is a restaurant, a hotel and various types of entertainment.

KSK «Antonov Agro» is located in with. Kruglik of the Kyiv region along the Odessa highway, from the metro station Lybidska 736 by minibus to the stop «Damba» and then through the checkpoint near the lake on the field. There is a parade ground for classes, an indoor arena, a phaeton, and convenient parking.

KSK «Fortuna» (Brovary breeding enterprise) is located in Brovary. There are 2 parade grounds where riding lessons are taught, there is no arena.

Horse-walking base «Nabeg» is located at Kyiv, st. Vyshgorodskaya, 85 — along the Minsk highway. Horseback riding lessons, horseback riding accompanied by an instructor, horse rental are provided.

KSK «Kniazhichi», with. Knyazhichi, Brovarsky district. The complex includes a stable for 20 animals, an arena 24 x 65 m with excellent lighting, an open area 40 x 90 m, a sauna and a conference room are being completed by the end of the year. The area of ​​80 thousand m2 is fenced and guarded. The club of horse lovers «Argamak» is located on Trukhaniv Island in the very center of Kyiv. Horse rental, riding lessons or horse rides around the island cost 100 UAH/hour or a subscription for 8 lessons per month for 450 UAH. There is no covered arena. The riding school on the basis of the SFH «Karas», is located 12 km from the metro station Osokorki, near the SK Vishenki (1st gateway). Riding lessons for beginners and experienced riders, horseback riding through picturesque meadows, in bad weather, classes are held in an indoor arena.

Equestrian club «Voyage» is located in Boyarka near the building of Ukrtelecom. The cost of a lesson in the arena with a trainer is 80 UAH/hour, a horse ride in the forest with an instructor is 100 UAH/hour. The club has at its disposal an old carriage and a sleigh for winter walks.

KSK «Salanta», with. Dmitrovka offers horseback riding training «from scratch», for more advanced riders — dressage, show jumping, the basics of horseback riding on request. Both individual lessons and horseback riding in the forest with an instructor cost 100 UAH/hour. Picturesque places, a lake for swimming and sunbathing, a fenced parade ground.

KSK «Nina» is located in with. Ukrainian. Horse rental works only on weekends, the rental price without an instructor is 150 UAH/hour, with an instructor — 200 UAH/hour. The complex has an indoor arena, open training fields, and horseback riding is possible. From Vydubychi metro station, take minibus 310 Kyiv-Ukrainka to the bus station and transfer to minibus No. 21 Ukrainka-Veremya, go to the final one, and then return to the checkpoint.

KSK «Pharaoh», Brovary offers riding lessons, show jumping training, transportation of horses, rent of stalls. There are two parade grounds on the territory of the equestrian club, there is no indoor arena.

KSK «The Royal Horse Club» is located in the village of Lesniki, st. Chapaev, 36 along the New Obukhov highway. There is a parade ground for classes and an indoor arena, classes with young children are held on ponies.

Here, at the link, you can see the list and contacts of companies providing horse riding services in Kyiv and its environs: http://hnb.com.ua/catalog/usluga-kiev-0-otdyh-137-verkhovaya_ezda

Good luck and good mood!

Author: Vladimir Selivanov

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