Paintball or war at random


Paint­ball is a kind of make-believe war. A war with­out casu­al­ties and destruc­tion, with toy weapons, but with real pas­sion, a thirst for vic­to­ry, team tac­tics and strat­e­gy


Paint­ball, although a rel­a­tive­ly young sport, has already gained great pop­u­lar­i­ty in many coun­tries of Europe and the world. It orig­i­nat­ed about 20 years ago in the USA and in the short time that has passed since then, a set of game rules, safe­ty mea­sures have been devel­oped, var­i­ous com­pe­ti­tions, cham­pi­onships and cups of coun­tries and even the World Cup are orga­nized.

There is sports paint­ball and tac­ti­cal. Sports paint­ball is usu­al­ly played at var­i­ous com­pe­ti­tions in a net fenced area with a flat sur­face and sym­met­ri­cal­ly locat­ed inflat­able shel­ters. The game usu­al­ly lasts 5–7 min­utes, the task is to cap­ture the flag at the ene­my base and bring it to your base. Tac­ti­cal paint­ball, unlike sports, is played on var­i­ous sites: for­est (that is why tac­ti­cal paint­ball is some­times called “for­est”), field, par­tial­ly built-up, inside build­ings and struc­tures. There are two areas of tac­ti­cal paint­ball: train­ing (used by employ­ees of secu­ri­ty orga­ni­za­tions, spe­cial ser­vices and law enforce­ment agen­cies) and leisure (exact­ly what we order in a paint­ball club).

Paint­ball — where to start?

So, you and your friends decid­ed to play paint­ball. And we asked our­selves: where to start? To get start­ed, use our Cat­a­log and choose the most con­ve­nient or prof­itable paint­ball club for you. In Kyiv, accord­ing to our data, there are about 14 paint­ball clubs, which dif­fer from each oth­er in the num­ber and loca­tion of play­grounds, game con­di­tions, and tar­iff pack­ages.

The stan­dard pack­age, usu­al­ly for 1.5 — 3 hours of play, includes manda­to­ry equip­ment: a mark­er (your weapon), a pro­tec­tive mask, a game uni­form, as well as a place to rest, instruc­tions and ref­er­ee­ing. Depend­ing on the dura­tion of play­ing time and oth­er con­di­tions in dif­fer­ent clubs, the price of a game ranges from 50 to 100 UAH. Paint balls, as a rule, you buy addi­tion­al­ly — it already depends on your per­son­al con­sump­tion of balls per game. The price for 100 pieces is an aver­age of 30–40 UAH, for a box of 2000 pieces. – 550–600 UAH.

Paint­ball Safe­ty Pre­cau­tions

How safe is it? Despite the fact that paint­ball is clas­si­fied as an extreme type of recre­ation, as a sport it is much safer than ten­nis, foot­ball, and even golf. Accord­ing to sta­tis­tics, the ratio of injuries per 1000 peo­ple in paint­ball is 0.31. This indi­ca­tor is bet­ter than in bowl­ing (0.50), archery (0.66), ten­nis (1.09) and golf (1.13). For com­par­i­son, the num­ber of injuries per 1000 peo­ple while dri­ving is 26.00, while being on the street — 33.00, in the work­place — 61.00, and at home — 93.00.

Before the game, all par­tic­i­pants under­go a manda­to­ry safe­ty brief­ing. All those on the field (play­ers and ref­er­ees) are required to wear masks that pro­tect their faces and heads, all mark­ers are reg­u­lat­ed in such a way that the bal­l’s depar­ture speed does not exceed the safe speed of 90 m / s, there are ref­er­ees on the field dur­ing the game who mon­i­tor com­pli­ance with the rules. Play­ers are addi­tion­al­ly pro­tect­ed by quilt­ed vests, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. Paint­ball is not inher­ent in any spe­cif­ic dan­gers, but in it, as in any oth­er sport, injuries are pos­si­ble. There­fore, be care­ful, and you can get max­i­mum emo­tions and unfor­get­table impres­sions.

It is inter­est­ing

The word “paint­ball” did not come from the Eng­lish word paint (draw), as many peo­ple think. The sto­ry is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. Imme­di­ate­ly after the Sec­ond World War in 1950, one smart Amer­i­can Nel­son Paint came up with and orga­nized a com­pa­ny for the pro­duc­tion of paint balls that were fired from spe­cial devices. But unlike many oth­er sim­i­lar small inven­tions, they imme­di­ate­ly found a fair­ly wide appli­ca­tion … in forestry and cat­tle breed­ing for mark­ing trees and live­stock. And 25 years lat­er, two friends — bro­ker Joseph Vin­able and writer Charles Gaines fig­ured out how to use Paint­balls to hunt each oth­er.

Author: Vladimir Seli­v­anov

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