Looking at the Segway, once again you are convinced that everything ingenious is simple! After all, this vehicle is just two wheels and a whole lot of fun!

Segway riding is a relatively new entertainment for Ukrainians. However, those who have tried at least once will want to stand on the platform on wheels again and again. And every day, this seemingly simple vehicle is gaining more and more fans and even fans not only in our country, but all over the world.

History of occurrence

The controversy over the history of the «motorized scooter» is a fairly popular topic among Segway enthusiasts. Some argue that the author of the idea and development was Dean Kamen, an American physicist-inventor. Others are sure that the Segway is the brainchild of the English multimillionaire Jimi Heselden. However, only after analyzing some historical facts, one can draw an approximate picture of the creation of the Segway.

In 1991, Dean Kamen first presented to his loved ones the idea and basic developments of a prototype of a modern Segway. And already in 2001 in New York, he presented the first constructed copy to the public.

After that, all ideas, developments and production rights were bought from the physicist by millionaire Jimi Heselden, who, until the tragic incident on September 26, 2010, remained the owner of the Segway company.

What is a segway

The name «segway» comes from the words «segue» — a direction in music, meaning «smooth, consistent transition from state to state» — and «way», which translates as «way», «direction».

Segway construction

The scooter is a platform on two wheels, and a kind of steering wheel attached to it with the help of a steering column. The structure of the scooter is shown in more detail in the figure:

Segway construction

At first glance, it seems that such a design does not imply stability and can fall back or forward at any moment. However, the uniqueness of this vehicle lies in the fact that a whole system of gyroscopic and liquid tilt sensors is used for balancing in the segway. It is they who automatically (with an average frequency of up to 100 times per second) determine any violations in the balance during the movements of the rider’s body and keep the scooter in an upright position.

Segway control

Driving a segway does not require special skills and is within the power of almost everyone. In order to make the «car» go, you just have to move your body weight forward. The greater the tilt of the body, the higher the speed of the segway. However, be careful, because although the Segway moves and accelerates very smoothly, it can easily reach speeds of 20 km per hour. Therefore, for the first time standing on the platform, first «feel» the scooter, and only then go for a walk.

In order to slow down at any moment, you do not need to know any special control secrets or press special levers, just tilt your body back slightly and the segway will start to lose speed.

The steering handle will help you turn on the Segway, which should simply be directed in the right direction.

Segway in the world

Initially, when inventing the Segway, Dean Kaman assumed that this scooter could eventually replace the main types of personal transport. Of course, until his idea became a reality. But the environmental friendliness, efficiency and versatility of this vehicle allow it to become a contender for the title of the main vehicle in the future. In the meantime, the Segway is more often used as entertainment.

In some countries of the world, the Segway serves as a transport for patrol policemen, postmen, golfers and even film studio workers during filming, in some cases this avoids unnecessary camera shake.

The only drawback of the Segway is its cost, comparable to the price of a budget car. This does not allow everyone to purchase it, which today more than other factors affects the popularity of this type of transport in the world.


Segway rides in Kyiv

In our capital, segway rides are becoming more and more popular every season. Agencies offer whole tours on segways in Kyiv and Kyiv region. And prices for services vary depending on the duration of skiing.

The most popular place for renting a Segway in Kyiv is the Mariinsky Park. There you can be offered group and individual walks, or rent a Segway for a day.

Author: Natalia Kay

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