Spearfishing requires concentration, thoughtful action and concentration. In return, this type of leisure will give you a sea of ​​the most vivid emotions!

Hunting, which for many millennia has passed from the category of a vital action to the category of active recreation, is a clear proof that a person is characterized by a constant desire for thrills, adrenaline. However, spearfishing is a really big risk. Indeed, during this lesson, a person is completely given to the power of the water elements and must perfectly control his breathing, body and actions. Particularly «piquant» is the aspect that during spearfishing, a person does not have the right to use any apparatus that helps to stay under water for a long time. The hunter’s entire arsenal of equipment is a snorkel, mask and flippers. And spearfishing with the use of breathing apparatus is considered poaching and is allowed only in Norway, Costa Rico and the United States.

History of occurrence

Underwater hunting originated in ancient times. The indigenous inhabitants of the Pacific Islands began to get their own food by diving in coastal waters with special spears. Hunting was carried out while holding the breath, and without the use of any mechanical tools. Later, the fishing of the island tribes turned into an active holiday, which was loved by many Europeans. Since the 1950s, spearfishing has become an official sport, with annual championships. In the countries of the former USSR, spearfishing was especially popular in mainly river and lake zones.

What is spearfishing?

Spearfishing can be carried out both at sea and in fresh water. Most often, hunting occurs on the coast or in open water with a distance from the line of the intertidal zone. The hunter has at his disposal only the most necessary means for swimming and catching the victim. The use of any breathing apparatus and gunpowder-based small arms is completely prohibited.

As for spearfishing, as a professional sport, during the competition, the winner is determined by the number of prey caught for a certain period of time. The training of a hunter requires long sessions of concentration and the ability to hold and distribute the breath.


Spearfishing is divided into two main types:

  • bed
  • active search

With an active search, the athlete is constantly on the move, for this type of spearfishing it is necessary to know the smallest nuances of fish behavior.


When lying down, hunting is carried out on fish that has come within a shot distance. This method requires great concentration and the ability to hold your breath for a long time. Due to the fact that it is forbidden to use breathing equipment in spearfishing, the maximum dive of a hunter is no more than 30 meters. Interestingly, professional athletes are able to hold their breath in a calm state for more than 5 minutes.


Spearfishing requires the most necessary equipment, among which you can distinguish:

  • swimming equipment
  • equipment for catching prey
  • navigation equipment

Swimming equipment

For sports spearfishing, a mask, snorkel and fins are used. Diving takes place lightly (without the use of weights), since the hunter needs maneuverability. During winter spearfishing, in order not to cause hypothermia, a wetsuit may be used. Also, a wetsuit may be needed if the hunter dives to great depths.

In order to resist the current and feel more stable, often a belt with lead sinkers is used for hunting in the prone.

Capture equipment

This type of equipment includes various types of guns and pikes (harpoons). Sports spearfishing prohibits the use of guns with a powder draft, so pneumatic guns are used, the projectile of which is driven by compressed air. Crossbows are also common. In this case, the projectile is fired using rubber bands. Harpoons and pikes are used to hunt big fish at close range. To save prey, a kukan is used — a bag woven from a network of strong threads. To transport the prey to the surface, buoys are used, which are filled under water with compressed air.

Navigation equipment

Needed to determine location, heading and depth.

Depth gauge — is an important piece of equipment, because at night, the hunter can easily lose orientation or miscalculate the depth of immersion. This, in turn, can cause an accident.

The compass is used to determine the direction of movement in cases where hunting is carried out at sea or any other area where there is no way to navigate by visible landmarks.

An underwater watch is necessary so that the hunter can correctly calculate the time spent on diving and ascent, as well as correctly determine how much air is enough.

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