In Russian-speaking countries, most people call this game and the projectile itself a «flying saucer», but recently the name Frisbee has also spread.

Frisbee (or flying saucer) is the name of a sports equipment and at the same time games with this projectile. A flying saucer is a small plastic disk with curved edges with a diameter of 20-25 centimeters. Due to the special aerodynamic qualities, when the disk is launched, a lifting force arises, which keeps it in the air for quite a long time, which makes it possible to throw the disks over considerable distances.

Which is correct: frisbee or frisbee?

The game of flying saucer is often called the word frisbee, which comes from the English word frisbee, while there are two spellings of this word: through “s” and through “z”. Both options are quite common, but dictionaries prefer the option through the letter «s».

History of frisbee

The history of the appearance of the Frisbee is usually associated with the name of Walter Frederick Morrison. It happened in the 40s of the XX century, at that time there were very popular talks about UFOs, aliens from outer space and flying saucers. Morrison’s insight led to the appearance in 1948 of a «flying saucer» that looked very much like a UFO. In subsequent years, after a number of improvements, the Frisbee acquired good «flying» qualities, which made it an attractive product. In the 50s, Morrison began to cooperate with entrepreneurs Rich Knerr and A. K. Melin, who had their own toy factory. And in 1957, with his consent, flying saucers began to be produced under the name «Pluto Platter» by Wham-O.

The modern name of flying saucers also has its own history. In the 50s, Rich Knerr visited the Ivy League campus where he first heard the term «Frisbee». The fact is that Yale students had a very popular game — they threw Frisbie Pie Company tin coasters at each other. They called tin plates frisbee, and the game itself — frisbing. Knerr liked the name frisbee and decided to borrow it.

flying disc games

There are more than a dozen variations of the game of frisbee, ranging from the «beach» version — throwing the plate from hand to hand so that the disk does not fall to the ground, and ending with complex team games. The main flying saucer games include:

Ultimate frisbee

  Ultimate frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is the most popular and widespread disc game. The game takes place on a rectangular field, along the edges of which there are special zones. Ultimate is a team game. It involves two teams, usually 7 people each, although you can play with fewer players in teams. The team that controls the disk is attacking, and the second, respectively, is defending. The goal of the attacking team is to drive the disc into the opponent’s zone. If the pass passes, then the team is awarded one point, if this is not possible, then you can also pass the pass to any other player on your team. In turn, the defending team must intercept or knock down the disk, in which case the teams change roles.

In addition, the game has the following rules:

  • If an attacking player holds the disc for more than 10 seconds, then this is tantamount to losing the disc, and he goes to the opponent.
  • The disc player is not allowed to move.
  • Only one person from the defending team can interfere with the disc player.

In the game it is forbidden to push or block the opponent’s players or knock the disc out of his hands. But since there is no concept of a penalty in the game and there is no referee, in the event of a violation, the responsibility for declaring a foul lies with each player, and not just the victim. It often happens that the attacker himself admits that he did it in violation. The spirit of the game itself contributes to this, in which honesty and enjoyment of the game itself are considered more important than winning at any cost.

City Ultimate

This is a more aggressive variation of Ultimate. City Ultimate is a game that simulates urban conditions, so there are various obstacles on the playing field. Unlike the usual ultimate, in this game each team has its own goal. As a rule, this is some kind of elevation. The goal of the game is to pass the disc to the player in the opponent’s goal. The rules of the game are in general the same as the usual ultimate, with the exception that in this game it is allowed to knock the disc out of hand.


Guts is a team game that helps develop throwing and catching discus skills with one hand. Guts is a team game, two teams take part in the game, from one to five players in each. The goal of the game is to be the first to score 21 points. Both teams, lined up in a line, are placed one opposite the other, at a distance of 14 meters. The player must throw the plate in such a way that the opponent cannot catch it with one hand. In this case, the flying disc must be within the zone limited by the outstretched arms of the opponents. If the opponent could not catch the disc with one hand, then the throwing team gets one point, if the disc is caught, then no points are counted to anyone, and if the throw is made incorrectly, then the receiving team gets a point.


Frisbee freestyle is an individual type of frisbee. The meaning of the game lies in the ability to perform beautiful tricks and their combinations performed with a spinning disk. At competitions, the skill of the players is evaluated by two parameters — the complexity of tricks and artistry.

disc golf

This game is similar in meaning to golf. The difference lies in the fact that instead of balls a disc is used, and instead of holes there are special baskets into which discs are thrown. The goal is also similar to playing golf — you need to cover the distance in the least number of throws so that the disc visits all the baskets.

dog frisbee

To play dog ​​frisbee, you need not only a disc, but also a dog. The meaning of the game is that the player throws the disc, and the dog must catch it.

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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