Today, yesterday’s hobby of extreme sportsmen — rock climbing — is rapidly turning into a popular form of fitness.

Rock climbing is a sport and at the same time a way of active recreation, the essence of which is climbing on natural (rocks) or artificial (climbing walls) terrain. Climbing is often confused with mountaineering, but they are completely different sports. Unlike mountaineering, rock climbing involves directly climbing the rock, and its height is not of decisive importance. That is why for rock climbing it is not necessary to go to the mountains, but it is enough to visit the nearest climbing wall.

Climbing wall or rocks?

Climbing wall is a special indoor building with walls from 5 to 15 m high, imitating the relief of a rock, designed specifically for rock climbing. The main elements of the climbing wall are vertical or even negatively inclined shields fixed on the walls with a variety of colored hooks. Each climbing wall provides its visitors with several different climbing routes, divided by the degree of difficulty, indicated by numbers according to the classification accepted in the world.

Compared to rock climbing, climbing walls are a more comfortable place to practice. The advantages of climbing walls include:

  • the opportunity to engage people with any level of training, including training under the guidance of experienced instructors
  • a wide variety of routes
  • higher level of security
  • protection from any whims of nature
  • convenient location (the main argument for residents of non-mountainous areas)

On the other hand, if you are an experienced fan, then, probably, all these shortcomings pale in front of the opportunity to climb “real” rocks, inhaling clean mountain air and enjoying the surrounding beauties. For such people, a climbing wall is just a place where you can keep yourself in shape during the off-season, in anticipation of new yet unconquered heights.

Benefits of rock climbing

Rock climbing, like swimming, is considered a sport that most harmoniously develops all major muscle groups. In addition, regular rock climbing:

  • develop flexibility and plasticity of movements
  • improve coordination of movements
  • significantly increase the strength and tenacity of the fingers
  • increase the speed of decision making
  • develop visual memory and logical thinking
  • contribute to the development of moral and volitional qualities and increase self-esteem

Like many other sports, rock climbing develops resistance to stress in a person, positively affects his health and psychological state.

Rock climbing will be useful for both adults and children. For a child, these activities will improve health and physical fitness, and in addition, they will serve as a source for the expenditure of inexhaustible children’s energy. For adults, rock climbing will be a great alternative to going to the gym, and will also allow you to «recharge the battery» after a hard day at work.


Rock climbing

Difficulty climbing. The most popular type of rock climbing. The winner is the one who rises above the others.

Climbing for speed. In this type of climbing, the score is based on the time for which the route was completed.

Bouldering — a type of rock climbing in which competing athletes must go through a series of short (in height each route does not exceed 5-6 meters), but very difficult routes.

On-sight — a competition in which only one attempt is given to complete the route.

Jumping. This type of climbing involves jumping from one hold to another hold.

solo climbing. This is a style in which there are no partners and insurance. This is the most dangerous type and is intended for very well trained climbers.


For rock climbing you will need:

Skalniks These are shoes designed specifically for rock climbing. For the first time, they can be rented directly from the climbing wall, and in the future it will be better to buy your own.

Magnesium. This is a special powder designed to absorb sweat and improve grip between the palms and the toes.

clothing. Any that does not constrain your movements, so a minimum is better (pants-shorts and a T-shirt).

Climb to health!

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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