Which suitcase to choose for a summer vacation and where to buy at a discount? Read about all this in our article. We have collected the best options that you can buy with a discount of 50 to 60%!

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The best discounts on cool and quality suitcases are waiting for you by this link.

Small suitcase for one

If you are going on a trip alone, a compact suitcase measuring 52x36x20 centimeters is perfect. For example, link to cool suitcase Puccini from the Camerino collection.


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It has so many advantages for easy travel. For example, a protective stack, a holder on the side and top, light weight (only 2.8 kilograms), two inside pockets, outside pockets, a transparent pocket, a retractable and very comfortable handle. The suitcase itself is soft, so it tolerates “hard” landings well.

For the safety of valuables — a combination lock.

However, this suitcase does not have a laptop pocket, so you will have to take a bag for your favorite gadget.

Large suitcase for two

This model Puccini suitcases from the Camerino collection will appeal to those who travel with a girlfriend, boyfriend or, for example, like to pack more things with them.

big suitcase


Size — 71x45x30. There is also a protective stack, holders on the side and top, the weight is already more significant than the previous model (3.9 kilograms), the wheels are single, and there are also many pockets inside and out.

An additional lock allows you to increase the volume of the suitcase by 25%, which is also very cool when there are a lot of things.

Hard cases

And here is a selection of small hard suitcases for those who do not like cloth suitcases. A beautiful and practical option for those who are afraid for the safety of things if they are unlucky to get caught in rain or slush while traveling.

hard suitcase


This suitcase, for example, from the latest collection. It is made of polypropylene but is both firm and lightweight. Durable and lightweight, stylish looking and available in multiple color options. Inside there are many pockets, the suitcase is small and roomy.

And here is another model for convenient transportation of even the heaviest things.

Suitcase red



For those who are going on a short trip for a few days, the best friend on the road will be a small Voyager chest. Its size is 35x30x17, there are several color options. You can safely take it even on board the aircraft due to its small dimensions. There are many pockets inside to organize the space more productively, and the lining looks very aesthetically pleasing.



Large hard suitcase

Large model from the Paris collection — This is the perfect option for a large hard suitcase.

big suitcase


The size is 77.5×52.5×29.5 centimeters, the material is strong and resistant to shock, and the suitcase itself is durable and stable. It will fit a lot of things, and swivel single wheels will allow you to easily and conveniently maneuver in the crowd.

There is an encrypted lock for safety, so do not be afraid for your things: the attackers will not be able to crack the suitcase along the way.

Set of suitcases

For a large company and a large family, for moving, for long trips — for all this you will need suitcase set.

We recommend a set from the Voyager collection with a 64% discount. Before the sale, they cost 12 thousand, and now it can be purchased at a promotional price of 4,440 hryvnia!

suitcase set


In the set you will receive three suitcases: small (55 x 37 x 20), medium (68 x 46 x 25.5) and large (79 x 54 x 30). They are solid, made from quality polycarbonate that will protect things from damage and harsh weather. The design is minimalistic, and inside there are many pockets that will allow you to organize the space with maximum benefit.

What suitcase do you like?

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