In the summer, you want to go on vacation inexpensively and with high quality: have a good time, relax your soul and body, and most importantly — bring back a sea of ​​impressions. How to travel on a budget?


We have prepared tips that will help you travel economically, and we also learned from the famous TV presenter Timur Miroshnichenko how he manages to save on travel and have a great vacation.

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5 ways to save on travel

So how do you save on vacation and get a cool trip every time? Here are five proven life hacks.

1. Raise the price out of season

It is best to plan a trip before or after the season in the desired location. Then you will enjoy the trip much more. Firstly, there will not be a sea of ​​vacationers, no one will show off their elbows in cool photo locations and spoil your photo. And secondly, it will be much cheaper to rest: prices will drop significantly when the season ends.

2. Do not travel on holidays

On holidays, you can fly in a penny while traveling. This applies mainly to well-known locations. So, for example, in Venice and Rio de Janeiro, prices for everything will jump sharply during the carnival period. Also, there will be no places in hotels, and you can’t count on a quiet and cool vacation. Of course, if you are not going specifically to see the carnival.

3. Learn everything at home

In order to reduce the number of unjustified and unexpected expenses on vacation, it is worth Googling everything before departure:

  • where to eat
  • where to go on an excursion
  • which beach to rest on
  • which taxi to use
  • are there cool promotions,
  • where to stay

Everything that can be learned — be sure to learn. So, for example, you can get into the Louvre for free every Sunday. On various commemorative days, museums around the world have free days, or days when the passage is free. Googled it before leaving.


4. Do not buy souvenirs

Magnets, various souvenirs are just junk that pollutes your home. It is a pity to throw it away, it stands and collects dust.

If you want to bring something cool with you, take a film camera, several rolls of film and take photos that you will be able to develop only after your vacation.

5. Talk to the locals

Don’t ignore the locals, because they can tell you a lot more about your home than Google knows. So, for example, you can significantly save on various excursions, food and even housing. And how many new acquaintances you can get!

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Advice from Timur Miroshnichenko: how to go on vacation inexpensively

The presenter of the «Your Day» project on the 1+1 channel shared a life hack that will appeal to everyone who wants to go on vacation inexpensively and have a great time.


We are lucky to live in Ukraine. Because you can travel from almost any point of our country for a comfortable period of time, in many directions, on good coverage. At least these main directions are already more or less acceptable for travel. For example, by car it is very convenient and fast to go in any direction and find something interesting everywhere. First of all, you need to choose which vacation or weekend you like. If you go for a walk, there are hundreds of such places in Ukraine.

For example, we were recently with friends in Terebovla. A very interesting place in the Ternopil region. You can walk there for a day or a day, you can come for the weekend and see the town itself. Go a little further, see our famous railway Plebanovsky viaduct, near which everyone takes pictures. Raju, when you are near, you will definitely pass by it. The road is very beautiful and it is convenient to get there.

If you have more of a craving for mountains, then you should go to the Carpathians — again, in any direction: whether it is in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, or in Lviv, or even in Chernivtsi, or in Zakarpattia. Everywhere you can find very interesting routes for 2-3 days if you go by car.

You can climb with tents along the Chornohirsky ridge. There are amazing views that take your breath away. The most important thing is to just pick up and go. And to understand that, for example, if you are traveling with more than two people, it will definitely be cheaper and more convenient to go by private car. And less binding to some schedule, and more opportunities to stop elsewhere. If you are traveling, for example, with two people, it may still be more economical to travel by train. That is, you need to choose the format for yourself first of all: you go together, alone, with friends, with children — and choose the most comfortable routes, and we have many such routes in Ukraine.

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