September 21, 2020, 15:00

Great news for everyone who is interested in Ukraine and likes to travel — Burda-Ukraine media company, with the support of Visa, has released the book «My country. 50 places worth visiting in Ukraine». Let’s travel through Ukraine!

My country.  50 places worth visiting in Ukraine photo

Did you know that the largest desert in Europe is located in Ukraine? And that we have our own Dead Sea, where the water is even saltier than the original and has a fantastic pink color? And the fact that one of the few castles in Europe that has never been stormed is also ours, Ukrainian? Are you interested? So, it’s time for you to go on a trip to Ukraine! And this book is just for you!

Travel journalists found the most beautiful and amazing corners of Ukraine, collected little-known facts, useful tips and local curiosities, developed interesting routes and compiled their TOP 50 places where you should definitely visit in Ukraine.

My country.  50 places worth visiting in Ukraine photo

Castles and fortresses of Ternopil region and Lviv region, unique lakes, deserted islands and desert sands of Kherson region, tourist and gastronomic delights of Odesa and Transcarpathia, ancient estates of Kyiv region and Zhytomyr region, fantastic landscapes of Butsky and Dniester canyons, architectural masterpieces of Chernivtsi, Kharkiv and Lutsk, spiritual shrines of Chernihiv region and The Carpathians, the mountain peaks of the Carpathians and the unexplored places of the Rivne region, the picturesque parks of the Kyiv region and the Cherkasy region — the book contains 50 locations that Ukraine can be proud of.

My country.  50 places worth visiting in Ukraine

How to get there, what to pay attention to, where to stay, what to taste — the book «My country. 50 places worth visiting in Ukraine» will be a great guide for everyone who wants to travel Ukraine and wants to learn more about their country. You will find out where in our country you can see pink pelicans, in which city the most delicious coffee is prepared, in which castle ghosts still live, where to look for places of strength, and where to confess your love. Useful tips will come in handy to quickly navigate the place and thus save a lot of time. And most importantly, you will make sure that traveling in Ukraine is really worth it — it is extremely interesting, affordable and safe!

The book «My country. 50 places worth visiting in Ukraine» can be ordered from the company «Burda-Ukraine» by filling out the form.

You can also buy the book in the Yakaboo online bookstore using the link.

Happy reading and unforgettable travels!

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