The tourist season in Turkey is open: from July 1, this country accepts Ukrainian tourists. The Turkish government has taken all possible measures to ensure that the rest here is completely safe and, most importantly, healthy. Dreaming of relaxation and wellness? Discover the thermal spas of Turkey!

Cleopatra's pool photo

Cleopatra’s pool

We will tell you about a direction that will surely interest you, especially after the stress and tension that we all experienced this spring. This is not about sea holidays and not even about cultural tourism, but about thermal resorts. Yes, yes, thermal springs are a real natural miracle of Turkey, there are more than 1600 of them! And by the way, the Turks themselves prefer to rest in balneological resorts. They go there with their whole families and enjoy spending time in the baths. Get ready to learn about the most popular Turkish thermal resorts, where you can come for a few days, say, while relaxing in Istanbul or Antalya, or for a week or two to complete a full course of recovery, rejuvenation and relaxation.

Picturesque Yalova

Yalova photo


About 2.5 hours by ferry from Istanbul — and you are in the city of Yalova, sheltered in a picturesque mountain gorge near the coast of the Sea of ​​​​Marmara. There is a very special microclimate, incredibly beautiful natural landscapes and many hot thermal springs, known since the time of the Ottoman Empire. They hit right out of the ground, the temperature of the water at the outlet of the source is 57-60oC.

Yalova photo


Due to the optimal content of useful trace elements, thermal water is effective in the treatment of rheumatism, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system, urological problems and diseases associated with metabolic disorders.
And what a relaxing effect it has! After the hammam and sauna treatment, you enter the outdoor thermal pool and swim, enjoying the magnificent view. Gift for soul and body!

Historical Bursa

Bursa photo


An hour’s drive from the Yalova resort, at the foot of the Uludag mountain, is the city of Bursa, also famous for its thermal waters. The first to use hot springs for medicinal purposes were the inhabitants of Byzantium, the tradition was preserved during the reign of the Ottomans. By the way, it was here that Suleiman the Magnificent was treated for gout and rheumatism. Water with a high content of soda, sulfur, magnesium and calcium helps in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system, as well as gynecological and endocrine diseases.

hamam photo

In addition to the healing waters, Bursa is famous for its historical atmosphere, peaches, chestnuts and silk. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous Grand Mosque (Ulu-Jami), admire the turquoise tiles of the Green Mosque, visit the 700-year-old village of Dzhumalykyzyk, which has preserved authentic houses and streets from the Ottoman Empire, and, of course, try the signature isgender kebab made from thin slices of lamb grill seasoned with tomato sauce and boiling butter.

Respectable Afyon

Afyon photo


The Afyonkarahisar region is called the thermal capital of Turkey. 30 comfortable hotels specializing in thermal water treatment are ready to receive 12,000 guests! All kinds of spa treatments, swimming pools, mud baths, restaurants, entertainment centers — everything here is created for healing and relaxation.

thermae photo


But the main value is the unique thermal water. It is used for many problems, but it is especially effective for the treatment of infertility. Many stories with happy endings are the best advertisement for this unique resort.

Ancient Pamukkale

Cotton photo

Cotton wool

«Cotton Castle» — this is how Pamukkale is translated from Turkish. Snow-white travertines, formed by precipitation of calcium from the water, amaze the imagination, and swimming in the famous Cleopatra pool heals and rejuvenates the body. The water temperature is constant 35°C all year round. In addition to the fact that it is saturated with useful minerals, it is also slightly carbonated. And so it seems that you are taking a bath with champagne. Believe me, you will remember this feeling of slight intoxication from the pleasures received in Turkey for a long time!

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