What to take with you on the road when traveling with children


Feb­ru­ary 19, 2022, 13:03

To make your vaca­tion with chil­dren as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble, it is nec­es­sary to care­ful­ly pack your suit­cas­es. Set aside a sep­a­rate bag or sec­tion in a large suit­case for the belong­ings of the youngest trav­el­ers. Most often, babies are tak­en with them to the sea, so that the chil­dren can play on the beach, strength­en their health and get a lit­tle tan. Choos­ing the per­fect tour for a fam­i­ly trip is easy on the page bronix.ua/ua/tours/turkey! How­ev­er, our rec­om­men­da­tions will apply to trav­el in any sea­son.

what to take on a trip with a child

What to take on vacation?

Let’s start with the sim­ple: you will need sev­er­al sets of cloth­ing along with warm things (the weath­er can turn cold­er at any moment). Take enough clothes to reduce the need for laun­dry. Also, don’t for­get a few pairs of shoes: for walk­ing in warm and cool­er weath­er, for vis­it­ing the beach or ski­ing, depend­ing on the sea­son. If you go in the sum­mer, take a few swim­suits or swim­ming trunks, pana­ma.

  • Hygiene prod­ucts, first aid kit, cos­met­ic bag

Do not for­get baby sham­poo, soap, pow­der, sun­screen. If there are no prob­lems with stores, wet/dry wipes, dia­pers can only be tak­en on the road. Oth­er­wise, it is worth stock­ing up on the nec­es­sary for the entire vaca­tion. The first-aid kit must be assem­bled so that there are reme­dies for all occa­sions: antipyret­ics, anti­sep­tics, anti­his­t­a­mines, med­i­cines for poi­son­ing, colds, sore throats, etc. Please note: the dosage should be for chil­dren. In addi­tion, it is worth tak­ing a dig­i­tal ther­mome­ter with you. Pack only those prod­ucts that you know how to use and to which your baby is def­i­nite­ly not aller­gic.

Be sure to take the child’s favorite toys on the trip, which will help calm, dis­tract or enter­tain the baby. These can be dolls, small cars, edu­ca­tion­al or board games, fun­ny books, col­or­ing pages with felt-tip pens or pen­cils. If you are going to the sea, it makes sense to grab a set for the beach: buck­ets, spat­u­las, molds. How­ev­er, make sure that such toys do not take up too much space in your suit­case.

what to take with you if you travel with children

Depend­ing on the age of the child, some addi­tion­al things may come in handy dur­ing the vaca­tion: a pot­ty (spe­cial trav­el mod­els are sold), a light col­lapsi­ble stroller, a sling. If the baby already sleeps with­out a dia­per, but trou­bles still hap­pen, take a water­proof sheet with you. It is also rel­e­vant to take sev­er­al dis­pos­able dia­pers that will be need­ed for sit­ting on the plane or a chang­ing table.

You can print this list before your trip to check if you have tak­en every­thing with you.

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