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If you have not yet decided where to celebrate the New Year, we suggest listening to the recommendations of an experienced traveler, the founder of Fonda «12 varts» and Routes in Ukraine #FollowBlueBird by Lala Tarapakina. She doesn’t give bad advice!

where to celebrate new year in ukraine


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Lala Tarapakina

“There are a lot of places where it will be good for the New Year, regardless of whether it snows or not, in Ukraine. I will name a few regions that I personally like and where you can go with a company.

1. Ivano-Frankivsk region

You can go to the Kosovo region: Verkhovyna, Krivopolye, Sheshory, Kosmach, etc. — these are my favorite places. They are strong, beautiful and pure, like everything else among the Hutsuls. Yes, the Hutsul region is always clean. I’m probably not the CA of the «museum of magic» in Verkhovyna, but the residence of St. Nicholas in Pistyn — wait!)))You can go with a company of 6 people for 80,000 for 4 days to Vorokhta, or you can go with the same company for 10,000 15 km further, towards Kosovo.

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Well, about the local — I will not go shopping in Yaremche, only to the Saturday market in Kosovo, I will prefer Mrs. Oksana’s fritters from Verkhovyna to the banosh from Babay, and the view of the mountains in Dzembron is nicer for me than any observation platform. And if I go to Bukovel, only to Stara Pravda.

You can choose a location for any wallet — the price depends on the level and fullness of the hotel.

2. Lviv region

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I recommend Slavske and Volosyanka. You can stay at the luxurious Vezha Vedmezha hotel, or you can choose something cheaper — the nature there is amazing everywhere.

I don’t have such a term «terribly expensive» — ​​only «can I afford it or not.» I have several favorite hotels in the Carpathians, I can’t afford them, but they are worth every penny of their money.

Bear Tower photo

Bear Tower

3. Bukovyna

Migovo, Nemchich pass, Vyzhnytsia — in a word, Bukovina! Beautiful, unusual, not as visited as the rest of the Carpathians, but, nevertheless, it is fabulous there.

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4. Transcarpathia

I would do this: I met the New Year on the Uzh embankment, then immediately — on Vechornitsy in Nizhny Selishche, and, without regaining consciousness, on bograch in «Ordinary Gazda» near Mukachevo, and yuhuuuuuuu!!! — in the thermal water of Kosino. And already on the second of January — to have breakfast at Chateau Chizay.

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5. Khmelnitsky region

Kamyanets-Podilsky is a very New Year’s place, perhaps the only castle in the country so beautifully illuminated for Christmas.

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6. Vinnitsa region

You can arrange a trip to the old estates. There are most of them in the country, and they are the most beautiful.

Tulchyn photo

Tulchyn, Vinnytsia region.

The hotels here are half empty, the roads too, most likely there is no snow, but there are castles and I am alone with them at the same time.

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