Which sleeping bag to choose

You should seriously prepare for hikes of any category of complexity. This is especially true for gear and equipment. The tourist takes with him on a trip:

  • comfortable tent with a waterproof awning;
  • comfortable roomy backpack;
  • reliable shoes;
  • Food;
  • warm and cozy sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag must be chosen with special love, since a good night’s rest in warmth is an important component of the success of the entire hiking event.

Product quality criteria

Well-known manufacturers pay attention to such seemingly trifles as:

  • large two-way zipper;
  • hood fastener;
  • heat-retaining zippered placket;
  • not through stitching seams;
  • warming collar;
  • tape from biting material;
  • drying loops;
  • hygienic liners;
  • compression pouch for compact packaging;
  • hermetic bag.

Types of sleeping bags, their right choice

On sale you can find products for sleeping in a tent, differing in:

  • constructions (a blanket, a blanket with a headrest-hood, a cocoon with a collar and a flap with a zipper);
  • purpose (camping, hiking, extreme);
  • temperature regime (light summer, off-season, winter);
  • type of filler (quick-drying synthetic synthetic winterizer, holofiber, thermolight, tinsulate, natural fluff).

The main criteria for choosing the right sleeping bag are as follows:

  • type of hike (hiking, cycling, water, alpine, and so on);
  • minimum night temperatures expected for the trip;
  • individual characteristics of the body (“frost”, hardened, tourist of dense build, and so on);
  • size (length and width) corresponding to the physique of the tourist;
  • internal, pleasant to a body hypoallergenic fabric.

Good sleep is the key to a good mood

The fact that proper sleep is the key to health and good mood has long been a proven fact. When choosing outdoor activities, it is necessary to provide a comfortable place for a night’s rest. The modern market offers a great abundance of sleeping bags, so you should know their main types:

  • blanket — has a rectangular shape, does not restrict movement during rest;
  • cocoon — a form with extended shoulders, narrowed in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe legs;
  • quilt — a sleeping bag without a zipper, comes with a rug, is lightweight;
  • elephant leg — a shortened sleeping bag to save space (used by climbers).

The main quality is convenience and heat preservation at any time of the year. Therefore, in addition to the shape, it is important to choose a sleeping bag according to other parameters: the material of manufacture and the temperature regime. The choice of the latter depends on when its operation is planned.

How to choose a warm sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag that is comfortable to sleep in in summer can be cold in autumn or winter. Cold or overheating during sleep negatively affects the mood of the tourist, and also does not give the opportunity to fully relax in order to gain strength. Therefore, it is important to consider the recommended temperature indicator on the product:

  • for summer, temperatures of 0 ° and above are suitable;
  • for sleep in cold weather, the range from -23 ° to -7 ° will be optimal;
  • warm in an extreme winter hike model -23 ° and below;
  • for a three-season holiday in spring-autumn, a mode of -7 ° to 0 ° is suitable.

Filling is also important: sleeping bags contain synthetic filler and natural filler (duck or goose feathers). The first option requires simple maintenance, is characterized by low cost, the second is more reliable: the fluff retains heat better, retains its characteristics for a long time (service life — up to 25 years). Combined filling is often used, which allows you to get a warm sleeping bag at an affordable price. For a comfortable sleep without hypothermia, proper operation is also important.

Which brand of sleeping bag is better

A sleeping bag is one of the important elements of a successful hike, travel or outdoor recreation. Good, high-quality equipment provides a good rest, protects health, and allows you to comfortably spend the night even in adverse weather conditions.

Modern manufacturers produce different types of products: blankets, cocoons, cocoons with hoods for use in different seasons and for spending the night at different ambient temperatures. Sleeping bags are sewn with natural (down) fillers and synthetic (silicone, synthetic winterizer, etc.). The sleeping bag is selected strictly in size, then the product will effectively perform its warming functions.

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