Backpacks and bags Deuter AViANT

Deuter Carry On is the perfect choice for low-cost travel


Is travel and work a big part of your life? With the Deuter Carry On 28 and 28 SL as well as the Carry On Pro 36 and 36 SL, you can fit everything you need into one backpack: clothes, laptop and important documents. Or is it better to call it not a backpack, but a suitcase? After all, a long zipper allows you to open this backpack just like a suitcase, and thus you can quickly find what you need right now. Inside there is a large compartment for clothes and a separate one for documents, a laptop and a tablet. And the Carry On Pro also has a separate bag for dirty clothes or shoes.

Backpacks Deuter AViANT Carry On

The size of Carry On meets the requirements of classic hand luggage (for example, in UIA, Lufthansa, Wizz Air (Wizz Priority) a suitcase on wheels 55 x 40 x 23 cm), so you do not have to waste time checking luggage and then waiting for it upon arrival and worry if he’s lost.

Backpacks Deuter AViANT Carry On

In Carry On, the shoulder straps are hidden in a special pocket on the back, and all handles are padded. Therefore, the backpack can easily turn into a portable suitcase. And in case you are traveling with a suitcase on wheels, Carry On Pro has made a special hole in the back that allows you to attach the backpack to a standard telescopic suitcase handle.

Backpacks Deuter AViANT Carry On

Deuter AViANT Access — a hybrid solution for long journeys


Looking for the perfect travel backpack? The Deuter AViANT Access 38 and Access 38 SL, as well as the Access 55 and Access 50 SL, are the perfect backpack and suitcase hybrid solutions in one product. Models include a separate laptop pocket, as well as several additional compartments for office supplies, as well as essential suitcase features: a large, U-shaped zippered entry for easy access, internal and external compression straps, handles and reinforced sidewalls for easy access. packaging. The Deuter Contact backrest system, built on a spring steel frame, evenly distributes weight and makes it easy to transport luggage at airports and train stations.

Backpacks Deuter AViANT Access

If you love long journeys and are looking for a practical backpack that has the advantages of a suitcase, then look no further, you’ve already found it. Frontal access to the inside, four handles and reinforced side walls make the Access Pro a very versatile backpack. Compression straps, clever internal organization and a separate bag for dirty clothes make sure your gear is stowed comfortably and securely. On long walks, you will surely appreciate the comfort of the Deuter Contact backrest, which allows you to adjust its height to the most comfortable fit for your body type, and during flights, the built-in protection panel will take care of the integrity and cleanliness of the backrest. Four models to choose from AViANT Access Pro 60 and Access Pro 70 including two specially designed women’s editions Deuter AViANT Access Pro 55 SL and Access Pro 65 SL.

Backpacks Deuter AViANT Access Pro

But what to do during short walks? Carrying a big backpack? The Deuter Access Pro has a lot to offer, as it comes with a small backpack with a padded laptop compartment!

Backpacks Deuter AViANT Access Pro
  • Organized interior — thanks to two internal compression straps, your clothes are firmly fixed. There is also a separate bag for dirty clothes or shoes.
  • Versatility — the set includes a small comfortable backpack for the city, it can also be worn in front by hanging it on the shoulder straps of the main backpack
  • Carrying comfort — a strong and flexible spring steel frame in the back redistributes most of the weight of the backpack to the waist belt, significantly reducing the load on the shoulders and back, even if the load is very heavy

Deuter AViANT Duffel — versatile travel bag


AViANT Duffel is a series of lightweight and comfortable travel bags that will fit a lot of necessary things and equipment. For your comfort, it can be worn not only as an ordinary sports bag, but also as a backpack! A packing bag will help organize the contents and quickly find even the little things. You have a choice of bags in three sizes Deuter AViANT Duffel 35, Duffel 50 and Duffel 70.

Travel bags Deuter AViANT Duffel

AViANT Duffel Pro — differs from its non-Pro counterpart in that it is made of dense PVC material. This makes the contents of the bag well protected from moisture and dirt. If necessary, the bag is packed in a convenient case that can be worn like a backpack. Thus, you can put your AViANT Duffel Pro in your baggage and go on board the aircraft with a backpack in which you have packed the necessary luggage. Arriving at your destination, you can get the shoulder straps and carry the bag like a backpack, which is much more convenient. The range is represented by three models of Deuter AviANT: Duffel Pro 40, Duffel Pro 60 and Duffel Pro 90.

Travel bags Deuter AViANT Duffel

Both models of bags have a very wide entrance with a zipper, which will allow you to quickly and conveniently find anything inside. A small padlock can be hung on the zipper of the main compartment, if necessary, for protection.