When it comes to choosing the right backpack, it’s not just about size. After all, the larger the size of the backpack, the more important that it fits as well as possible. Shoulder straps should be an anatomically shaped S-shape and fit snugly around the shoulders, as well as provide carrying comfort and a wide range of motion. Depending on your physique, you can choose the right fit.

Women’s back Deuter SL — Slim Line

What makes the fit of the Deuter SL backpacks so comfortable for women? Models of backpacks of the Deuter SL line (Slim Line — fitted) are developed by a team of women specialists. The carrying system is designed specifically to fit the female anatomy, as compared to men, women have:

  1. Slightly shorter back because they have longer legs and shorter overall height. Therefore, the SL backs are shorter, which guarantees a tighter fit of the shoulder straps and waist belts to the body.
  2. More sensitive area in the chest area. That’s why SL shoulder straps are S-shaped and have soft edges on both sides. They also curve around women’s breasts without creating pressure points or slipping.
  3. The waist belts create a more tapered shape — the need for this is heightened by the fact that women generally have more curve in their back and waist. Therefore, the attachment points of the waist belts are closer to each other and at a different angle. The waist belts themselves are in the shape of a crescent. Due to this, in the closed position, the belt has a conical shape, which fits snugly on the female hips without any gaps.
  4. Narrow shoulders, so SL shoulder straps are narrower and shorter, and have beveled ends and smaller buckles to avoid underarm chafing. In addition, the shoulder straps are positioned closer and at a sharper angle, which also prevents them from slipping off the shoulders.

Fact: On average, women can carry less weight than men, as studies show we can comfortably carry 25% of our body weight (data for people who are not obese or anorexic). Thus, for an average female weight of 60 kg, a comfortable carrying load is up to a maximum of 15 kg.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrüner has an amazing resume: she has climbed 14 eight-thousanders without oxygen. And since 2005, she joined the Deuter women’s team and contributed to the development of SL models. Now they are developed taking into account all the features of the female anatomy. And the yellow lily makes these women’s backpacks easily recognizable.

«This is something that many women have experienced — a backpack that does not fit well, the straps slip, something presses. So we implemented our ideas, carefully fine-tuned the details and created a back specifically for women. From the shoulder straps to the waist. And I really like the results «I always carry an SL backpack on expeditions. It fits so well that I can give my full attention to tasks and extreme conditions.»

Who can use the Deuter Slim Line backrest?

These backs are designed to fit the average woman with a slender figure. But not all women are the same, so a backpack with a unisex fit will suit many. And some men should try on models with an SL back if they:

  • have a thin figure and do not fit a unisex back
  • have long legs, and therefore they usually have a shorter back
  • usually wear sizes S and M

Extra long backrest Deuter EL — Extra Long

Models of backpacks with an extra long back EL are ideal for tall people with a height of about 185-200 cm, who find it difficult to find a backpack that will fit well on them. Therefore, Deuter lengthened the backs of the most popular models by 6-9 cm and increased their volume, because they asked for more space. EL models have exactly the same carrying system and other features as the standard versions of these models.