To date, technology has reached a very high level, and therefore there is a huge number of synthetic heaters that guarantee warmth even in severe frosts. Be that as it may, but none of the artificial analogues can be compared with natural filler — down, thanks to which the tourist receives the maximum compactness of the product and the optimal ratio of warmth to weight. And this is extremely important in the world of tourism. That is why Deuter recently launched a new line of Astro and Astro Pro down sleeping bags, which replaced the previous Neosphere series. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Deuter sleeping bags are manufactured in full compliance with Bluesign® standards, which guarantees full transparency in the production and supply of raw materials, environmental protection, and also obliges the company to be responsible to the end consumer.

What is the most important thing in a down sleeping bag? That’s right — fluff. For the Astro series, Deuter uses down with Fill power 600+, for the Astro Pro — 650+. Deuter does not overestimate Fill Power figures, so it may seem relatively low to some, but in fact the fluff here is better than many manufacturers with Fill Power 750+

The company also adheres to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which means that there is control that makes sure that fluff is not taken from live birds, that pets are not overfed and do not engage in other unacceptable manipulations in relation to the bird. RDS inspectors personally visit the production, check the documentation, interview the employees of the enterprises to identify any violations of the standards — everything is very serious. You can find out about compliance with the RDS tag, which is on sleeping bags.

Sleeping bags Astro and Astro Pro are divided into regular R or Regular for tourists up to 185 cm tall and elongated, as indicated by the L or Long markings, which are designed for users up to 200 cm tall.

Astro Pro models also have a female version, which is traditionally marked with the SL or Slim Line index and can comfortably accommodate a girl up to 175 cm tall. Also, the female version has a higher density of insulation to provide a higher degree of thermal insulation, because girls, as a rule, colder more.

Down sleeping bags Deuter — new features

The main new feature is the Thermo Stretch construction of the sleeping bags. The space inside the sleeping bag expands by 25%, which guarantees you comfort, no matter how you spin at night in your sleep. The inner side of the sleeping bag hugs the body thanks to stretchable elastic seams. The fluff between the spacious outer layer and the neatly fitting inner layer quickly heats up the space. You can change the position of the body in the sleeping bag up to 100 times per night. In a narrow sleeping bag, this will cause you to constantly wake up and end up just not getting enough sleep. Elastic seams will give you more freedom of movement during sleep and therefore more comfort. It is important that the elastic sleeping bag wraps around your body snugly enough so that unwanted cold air pockets do not form, which require additional energy to warm up.

  • all down sleeping bags now come with a zipper on the left side
  • all models at the bottom of the legs have a so-called footbox, a specially shaped sleeping bag profile that provides your legs with the necessary space in which your feet are comfortable and not cramped at all
  • insulated collar that tightens, which is very important for maximum thermal insulation
  • anatomically shaped hood with a very soft lining in which the down is located in such a way that it does not move anywhere
  • The hoods of the Astro Pro models have more chambers to keep the fluff loose, which provides additional thermal insulation in the head area, and as everyone knows, 70% of the heat during sleep can come from behind the head.
  • also Astro Pro models have so-called Dryzones (dry zones) in the legs and head, since these are the parts that suffer most from getting wet and are critical for keeping warm. Moisture protection is provided by a water-repellent coating. The material for the Astro Pro series is thinner, but in both cases it is polyamide with Rip Stop reinforcement. It also has a soft-touch lining. Well, we have already mentioned the difference in the filler.

Temperature characteristics

Important point! Regarding the ratio of temperature to the weight of the sleeping bag. All Deuter sleeping bags are internationally certified DIN EN 13537 ISO 23537 for determining the temperature regime. And the filler is evenly distributed in the sleeping bag: top, bottom and sides. Some manufacturers specifically put less down in the bottom of the sleeping bag, because the sensors on the test dummy, which measure the result, are on top. This creates the illusion that the sleeping bag comes out easier and is designed for temperatures slightly lower than those of competitors. But here it is not taken into account that a person turns over during sleep, and thus the lowest, less insulated part of the bag is at the top. Deuter respects its customers and does not engage in such tricks. You can be sure that you will be warm, no matter how spinning at night! According to temperature indicators, you can choose an option for any conditions — from spring to winter to severe frosts down to -20 ° C.

Reliability of Deuter down sleeping bags

All Astro and Astro Pro bags come with compression trekking bags and spacious mesh storage bags. It is necessary to store the sleeping bag in a mesh bag so that the filler is not compressed, because this way it will retain its fluffiness longer and will be properly ventilated. Another feature of Deuter down sleeping bags is their durability. And the point here is not even in the filler or highly reliable Japanese YKK zippers, but in the strength of the upper fabric, because down is a priori a very tenacious filler, but the outer fabric is damaged first. So, many users note for themselves that Deuter down sleeping bags live a very long time. There are reviews of the Ukrainian climber, the owner of a golden ice ax for the pioneering of the Nepalese seven-thousander Talung, Nikita Balabanov, who uses down sleeping bags very often and has already tested them a lot:

Even in the conditions of expeditions, Deuter sleeping bags live for a very long time, and believe me, the loads there are really serious. And when others can no longer cope, Deuter continues to do what it does very well — warm and make sleep sound and healthy.