The promotion will last from June 25, 2018 to September 30, 2018, inclusive.

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Official rules of the Promotion —

«Legendary SUZUKI engine from MOTUL»

(hereinafter — Rules)

1. Organizer and Executor of the «Legendary SUZUKI engine from MOTUL» promotion

1.1. The organizer of the promotional campaign «Legendary SUZUKI engine from MOTUL» (hereinafter — the «Promotion») is «Private enterprise Firma Vladislav», a company registered and operating in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and located at the address: Ukraine, Dnipro , Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Avenue, 184 (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

2. Participation in the Promotion and the territory of its implementation

2.1. The promotion is held on the territory of Ukraine through authorized retail outlets that sell promotional products of TM MOTUL. Information on the list of retail outlets where it is possible to purchase promotional products can be found at the link motul.ua.

2.2 Citizens of Ukraine who live on the territory of Ukraine and have reached the age of majority (18 years) can participate in the promotion.

3. Informational and technical support of the Promotion.

3.1. Information about the Rules is carried out by posting them on the resources motul.ua, vladislav.ua, Facebook.com/UA.MOTUL

4. Period (duration) of the Promotion

4.1. The promotion will last from June 25, 2018 to September 30, 2018, inclusive (hereinafter referred to as the «Promotion Period»).

4.2. The Promotion organizer reserves the right to terminate and resume the Promotion.

5. Products participating in the Promotion

5.1. The product marked with TM «Motul» in 5 liter packaging and has a protective hologram with a unique code hidden under the scratch application, hereinafter referred to as «Promotional product».

5.1.1 List of product lines participating in the Promotion:

  • INBOARD 4T 15W-40,
  • INBOARD TECH 4T 10W-40,
  • INBOARD TECH 4T 15W-50,
  • MARINE TECH 4T 25W40,
  • OUTBOARD TECH 4T 10W-30,
  • OUTBOARD TECH 4T 10W-40.

The number of purchases of Promotional products from one Promotion Participant is unlimited.

6. Gift Fund of the Promotion

6.1. The Prize Fund of the Action includes: Suzuki DF2.5 outboard motor in the amount of one unit. The Prize/Gift should be understood as the opportunity to purchase such a Prize/Gift for UAH 1. with VAT It is not possible to replace the Share Gift with a cash equivalent or any other benefit. The gift cannot be exchanged.

7. Conditions for participation in the Promotion and conditions for determining the owners of the Gifts of the Promotion

7.1. A participant of the Promotion is a person who meets the requirements specified in clause 2.2. of these Rules, and duly fulfilled all conditions of these Rules.

7.2. To participate in the Promotion, the Participant must:

7.2.1. Purchase at least one unit of Promotional products at authorized retail outlets during the period of the Promotion (clause 4.1. of these rules).

7.2.2. Save the promotional canister or face label with a hologram and a unique 9-digit code under the sketch;

7.2.3. Register for the promotion on the website https://motul.ua .

7.2.4. Get registration confirmation.

7.3. Participants of the Promotion specified in 7.2. of these Rules, participate in the draw for a special gift — a Suzuki DF2.5 boat motor. The raffle of the gift will be conducted by representatives of the organizer by the method of random computer sampling using the resource www.random.org. The organizer is responsible for the proper conduct of the raffle by the method of random computer sampling. The prize draw must be held by October 10, 2018 inclusive. .

7.4. The representative of the organizer will notify the winner of the promotion, who is entitled to receive the corresponding gift, within 3 (three) working days from the moment of the draw, using the phone number that was provided during registration on the resource https://motul.ua. After that, the promotion participant , who received a notification about his right to receive a gift, must contact within 2 (two) working days from the moment of receiving the notification about the win in order for the representative of the Performer to instruct the winner (participant) of the promotion on further actions regarding receiving the gift. The winner of the promotion receives a gift from the representative of the organizer in exchange for the face label of the promotion canister with a sticker and a clearly visible 9-digit code, it is the only proof of participation in the promotion and the basis for receiving the prize and the signed agreement on receiving the gift.

7.5. Any participant of the promotion has the right to refuse to receive a gift by notifying the performer’s representative about it.

7.6. Transfer of the right to receive share gifts to a third party is not allowed.

8. Other conditions

8.1. In the event of a situation involving an ambiguous interpretation of these rules, any disputed issues and/or issues not regulated by these rules, the final decision is made by the organizer of the promotion.

8.2. By participating in the Promotion, all participants of the Promotion confirm that they fully agree with these Rules and undertake to comply with them.

8.3. The organizer of the promotion is not responsible for non-fulfillment of the obligations specified in these rules, in the event of force majeure circumstances, such as natural disasters, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, blockades, significant changes in the legislation operating in the territory conduct of the Promotion, other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer, unscrupulous behavior of the sellers of the Promotional products of the outlets.

8.4. By participating in this promotion, the participant of the promotion confirms the fact of familiarization with these Rules of the Promotion, the authenticity of the information provided by him and consent to its further use in the manner specified below.

8.5. Taxation of the Promotional Gift is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.6. The Organizer reserves the right to demand that the Participant of the Promotion present a Promotional label with a unique code that identified the Participant of the Promotion as having the right to receive a gift in order to confirm such Participant’s bona fide participation in the Promotion and the right to receive a gift.

8.7. By participating in the Promotion, each Participant of the Promotion thereby confirms his consent to the free use of the provided information (in particular, surname and first name) by the Promotion Organizer, exclusively for advertising / marketing purposes by methods that do not violate the current legislation of Ukraine, in particular, for free use his name, surname, photo, interview or other materials about him for advertising / marketing purposes, including the right to publish (including his name and photo) in mass media the interview, as well as to send information to the addresses indicated by the Participant of the Promotion during registration, messages (including advertising), etc., without any — any restrictions on territory and time, and such use will not be reimbursed by the Promotion Organizer and / or any third party. All video and photo materials made with the participation of the participants of the Promotion, created during the Promotion and / or in connection with the Promotion, are the property of the Organizer and can be used without any compensation. The Participant of the Promotion receiving the Gift of the Promotion agrees to be photographed for the production of photographic materials, the remuneration for this is part of the value of the Gift of Shares, which he will receive without payment of any additional remuneration. All intellectual property rights arising in connection with the implementation of this clause of the Rules belong to the Organizer of the Promotion.

8.8. Each Participant of the Promotion, by his participation in the Promotion, confirms that he gives his consent to the Performer / Organizer for the collection, processing, distribution and/or transfer of his personal data specified in clause 8.7. of these Rules, under the conditions stipulated by the Law of Ukraine «On Personal Data Protection».