How to properly pack your backpack

When planning a trip, it is important to take into account various little things, take everything you need with you and pack it securely. To make things comfortable to carry, the backpack must be properly stowed, trying to bring the center of gravity of the backpack as close as possible to the center of gravity of the tourist. Heavy things should not be placed either below or above.

Packing rules

The main recommendation: try to put all things inside the accessory. It is undesirable to hang a backpack with equipment (a tent, a boiler, a rug), because the hiking trail can run among the bushes that will cling to things, slowing down the pace. Therefore, we insert a mat twisted into a pipe into a backpack, creating space for packing things. Now the main thing is to distribute the weight correctly. We place all the weight (tent, canned food, cereals, etc.) closer to the lower back so that the entire load lies on the back, unloading the shoulders. By the way, it is better to unpack the tent, laying the arcs and the awning separately.

Packing equipment:

  • at the very bottom we put a sleeping bag;
  • further — clothing, equipment, removable shoes;
  • on top, light things that can come in handy on the way (fleece jacket, down jacket, windbreaker, raincoat, snack) will take their place;
  • the last to fill the top valve and the outer pockets (in them we put the first aid kit, mug, knife, flashlight, toilet paper, water bottle, and so on).

We try to fill the backpack so that there are no voids: first, dimensional things fit, and the space between them is filled with “little things” like socks, T-shirts.

It remains to try on the packed backpack and adjust its placement on the shoulders and back. To do this, first tighten the waist belt, then the shoulder straps until the accessory fits completely to the back. The chest strap is fixed last.

For information: the weight of the load can be reduced by replacing bread with home-made crackers, raw vegetables — dried, fresh fruits — dried fruits.

How to lighten a backpack

The more a person goes hiking, the lighter his backpack becomes. It’s all about experience: the tourist already knows what things are needed, and what can be done without. An experienced tourist replaces ordinary products with dried ones, acquires lightweight equipment. I must say that the pleasure of the hike, and the health of the joints directly depend on the weight of the backpack. Therefore, it must be reduced as much as possible.

Reducing the weight of the hiking accessory

The main things in the campaign are a backpack, a tent, a sleeping bag. Let’s start with them. Equipment can and should be lightened by purchasing a backpack made of lightweight materials, without a frame and additional pockets, a tent with lightweight arches, a sleeping bag filled with natural down. A down sleeping bag should be packed in a compression bag, which will significantly reduce its volume.

As for clothes, we replace:

  • warm knitted socks — thermal socks;
  • a heavy wool sweater — a light fleece jacket;
  • windbreaker — a jacket with a membrane;
  • knitted T-shirts — thermal underwear.

Dishes should also be made as light as possible: a plastic bowl, cup, spoon.

As a meal, we recommend taking:

  • nutritious, long-term storage, low weight and volume, resistant to temperature fluctuations and precipitation freeze-dried products;
  • steamed cereals in bags;
  • high-calorie nuts, chocolate, lard, olive oil.

Significantly reduces the weight of a hiking backpack the correct construction of the route. Often it makes sense to drop off (send by mail) products to a settlement located somewhere in the middle of the way.

You should also know that you do not need to take anything extra. This does not apply to a raincoat, a change of clothes and shoes in case of bad weather, as well as a supply of matches, dry fuel. We also recommend using multifunctional items (a jacket with a fastened leg instead of a sleeping bag, trekking poles instead of alpenstocks), as well as group equipment (cauldrons, an ax, soap, toothpaste, a camera).

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