A stay at Aman Resorts is a new way to explore Venice


This city is called the most unusu­al, roman­tic and fab­u­lous cor­ner of Europe. And all this is true. There is not a sin­gle car here — only pedes­tri­an side­walks, and instead of wide and noisy roads, there are nar­row canals along which gon­do­liers and riv­er bus­es move. We offer a non-stan­dard and very beau­ti­ful way to get to know Venice, which will appeal to both reg­u­lars and those who came here for the first time — the Aman Venice hotel.


Holidays at Aman Resorts - a new way to explore Venice (photo 1)

Of course, because this is not just a riv­er in the mid­dle of the city, but the most impor­tant trans­port artery of Venice. This is where the Aman Venice Hotel is locat­ed.

Its inte­ri­ors take guests back to the time when the best artists and archi­tects in Italy cre­at­ed their mas­ter­pieces: paint­ings by Bat­tista Tiepo­lo, silk wall cov­er­ings, paint­ed ceil­ings, crys­tal chan­de­liers and, of course, the view that opens up the Grand Canal. By the way, the hotel has its own place of soli­tude — the coastal res­i­dence of Palaz­zo Papadopoli, where guests can also stay.


Staying at Aman Resorts is a new way to explore Venice (photo 2)

For those who want to get to know Venice as close as pos­si­ble, but still avoid the crowds of tourists, Aman Resorts has pri­vate tours. Guests are invit­ed to vis­it the ate­liers of famous arti­sans, vis­it her­itage mon­u­ments and muse­ums after hours (for exam­ple, St. Mark’s Cathe­dral, Ca’ d’Oro Palace), look behind the scenes of cen­turies-old estab­lish­ments.

Guid­ed by lead­ing experts: art his­to­ri­ans, archi­tects, chefs and even engi­neers, per­haps the best way to ful­ly appre­ci­ate and absorb the mag­ic of the city on the water.


Holidays at Aman Resorts - a new way to explore Venice (photo 3)

Venice, like nature, does not have bad weath­er, but the sum­mer sea­son is still the best time to get to know it. Espe­cial­ly if the acquain­tance takes place on board the his­toric sail­ing ship Edipo Re and at a din­ner par­ty. The orga­niz­er is, of course, Aman Venice. The main focus of the menu is on the use of sea­son­al and local prod­ucts: from fresh fish from the lagoon to veg­eta­bles and fruits from near­by islands. Chefs cook right in front of a few guests — a max­i­mum of 8 peo­ple.


Staying at Aman Resorts is a new way to explore Venice (photo 4)

Aman Venice guests have exclu­sive access to the pri­vate bal­conies of Europe’s most famous opera house, Fenice, which began oper­at­ing in 1792. In addi­tion to VIP tick­ets, guests are pro­vid­ed with a water trans­fer to the the­ater itself, aper­i­tifs on the spot and din­ner after the per­for­mance at Aman Venice.


Holidays at Aman Resorts - a new way to explore Venice (photo 5)

To take a break from the bus­tle of the city and tourists and lit­er­al­ly soak up Italy with your skin, a spa was set up on the third floor of the hotel. In three bright rooms, mas­sages (sev­er­al types) and pro­ce­dures for body and soul await guests. Local spe­cial­ists will not only car­ry out all the nec­es­sary bod­i­ly manip­u­la­tions, but also share pro­fes­sion­al secrets.


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