The city of Baracoa is considered the oldest place in Cuba. It is located in the province of Guantanamo on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most picturesque in this country. Tourists go here for a beach holiday and visiting natural attractions.

City `s history

Baracoa was founded in 1511 by the Spanish conquistador Diego Velasquez. There is a version according to which Christopher Columbus entered the lands of Baracoa on the coast of Cuba. In confirmation of this fact, there is a wooden cross, which is located in the city’s cathedral and dates from the same period.

Due to its location, the eastern city was isolated from other parts of Cuba for some time, as it was located on the shores of Honey Bay, surrounded by mountain ranges. A normal road to the village through the mountains appeared only in the 60s of the last century, then it began to be popular among tourists.

Most of the population are Spaniards and French. At the beginning of the 19th century, the latter arrived in Baracoa as they fled the revolution in Haiti. The climate zone of the city is excellent for growing bananas, coconuts and cocoa, which eventually made Baracoa look like an agricultural center. Also one of the main industries is the manufacture of Cuban chocolate.

Picturesque nature of Baracoa

Attractions Baracoa

Tourists who decide to visit this city are invariably attracted by picturesque landscapes and colonial architecture. They can be seen if you look at the photos of Cuba and in particular the pictures of the city of Baracoa. There are several Spanish forts on the territory: Matachin, La Punta and El Castillo. In addition, be sure to see the following attractions:

  1. Central Independence Park. There is a fountain, a statue of the leader of the Taino tribe and a church, which is decorated with a picturesque cross.
  2. Embankment Maleconwalking along which, you can enjoy the view of the Atlantic coast.
  3. Embankment Malecon

  4. Monuments in Baracoa in Cuba — they decorate the streets and are characterized by a unique design. One of them is dedicated to Christopher Columbus.
  5. Monument to Christopher Columbus

  6. agricultural marketwhere they sell fresh local produce. From exotic fruits, you can buy guava, passion fruit, papaya and other fruits. You can get more familiar pineapples, bananas and oranges.
  7. Mountain, which is located in close proximity to the settlement. It has a height of 575 m. Three rivers flow nearby: Miel, Yumuri and Toa. The latter has a 17-meter waterfall known as El Saltadero.
  8. Salto Fino — Another famous waterfall, its height is 305 m.
  9. Alexander Humboldt National Park. It is located 20 km from the city and is included in the UNESCO heritage list. A rare species of frogs, which are considered the smallest in the world, has been preserved here.
  10. local beaches. Playa de Miel is next to the Matachin Fort and is famous for its black sand on the shore. Tourists who want to visit the famous national park go to Playa Duaba beach. Another natural attraction is the sand waves that form after the rivers flow into the sea.

Baracoa is famous for its beaches

Baracoa Hotels

For tourists, the city of Baracoa offers different accommodation options. Among the most popular of them are the following:

  • Casa Edday Alexis — has a beautiful view of the beach, as well as equipped terraces for relaxation.
  • Casa Colonia lLa Catedral de Edward y Yixel — Guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast served in the lobby.
  • Sole Luna B&B, Rogery Otilia and Hostal Nilson — cottages are located near the sea and have comfortable rooms.

Architecture in Baracoa

Baracoa Restaurants

The city has many restaurants and cafes where you can have a bite to eat after relaxing on the beach. Among the most famous of them are the following:

  • El Buen Sabor — various fish dishes are served here, which are combined with coconut milk;
  • RestaurantLaRoca — in this restaurant you can taste exotic local dishes, for example, cones made of palm leaves filled with honey, pulp of coconut, guava, pineapple and orange;
  • Restaurante Marcopolo — in addition to Cuban and Caribbean, here you can taste Latin American and Spanish cuisine.

How to get there?

The city is the only road that runs from the capital of Cuba through the mountains to Baracoa. There is an airport from which there are flights from Havana, but air flights do not depart every day. The first airport, «Orestes Acosta», is located 44 km from the city, and the second is called «Punta De Maisi». First you need to fly to one of the airports, and then by bus or car to get to your destination.

Baracoa is located on the coast