New Zealand


New Zealand

On the largest islands of the North and South, in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is located — a country that is distinguished by amazing nature, unique animals and incredible cleanliness of the environment.

New Zealand on the map

Finding New Zealand on the world map is quite simple, she took refuge in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Large islands North (White) and South, as well as about seven hundred small ones make up its territory. The Cook Strait divides the large islands, the rest of the state is washed by the waters of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, which is why New Zealand has no land borders with any country.

New Zealand on the map

State symbols and currency

The symbols of New Zealand, as well as any other state, are the anthem, flag, coat of arms. Let’s talk about the state symbols of the country.

Two pieces of music are officially recognized as New Zealand’s national anthems: «God Save the Queen» and «God Defend New Zealand». Behind the scenes, the second option, authored by Thomas Bracken and Joseph Woods, is considered a priority. The text of the anthem has two versions in English and Maori. At state events, only the first verse is heard, first in the Maori language, and only after that the English version.

The national flag of New Zealand is rectangular in shape. Against a blue background, of which the flag of Britain is in the upper right corner, glory is four stars. The blue color is considered a symbol of the sky and the sea that surrounds the country. The British flag is used as a reminder of New Zealand’s colonial past. The stars on the flag represent the country’s location in the Pacific Ocean. This panel has been officially considered the state flag of New Zealand since March 24, 1902.

State flag

The current National Emblem of New Zealand was approved in 1956 and is a shield held by a woman holding the national flag and a Maori warrior. Two branches of a fern are below the shield, and above it is the crown of St. Edward. Looking at the Coat of Arms, we understand that New Zealand has managed to build harmonious relations between the peoples that inhabit it. The inhabitants of the country are adherents of the monarchy.

National emblem

The national currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar (NZD). Like the American one, it consists of 100 cents. The Central Bank of the country issues banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars, and coins in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, 1 and 2 dollars.

Any money can be exchanged for NZD upon arrival in the country.

One hundred New Zealand dollars New Zealand coin

Climate and nature

The climate of New Zealand is divided into subtropical maritime in the northern part of the state and temperate maritime in the south. The warmest period in New Zealand falls on the months from January to February, when the air warms up to +20…+30 °C. July is considered the coldest month, at this time the air temperature can drop to +8…+10 °C. Surprisingly, the further you move south of New Zealand, the lower the temperature drops. A sufficient amount of precipitation falls all year round, in the form of rain in the plains and snow in the mountains.

Nature of New Zealand

New Zealand nature strikes the imagination of travelers, here you can see tropical forests, glaciers, full-flowing rivers, deep lakes, highest mountains, huge pastures. The flora and fauna of the country is also replete with diversity. Speaking of animals, it is necessary to single out birds, of which there are especially many in New Zealand, there are specimens that live only in this area, for example, kiwi, sultanka, takahe. The mild climate creates favorable conditions for plants, which are also very numerous. Relic forests are especially interesting, the trees in which are 800 years old.

Population of New Zealand

According to updated data, about four million two hundred thousand people live in New Zealand, most of whom come from European countries. A small part is accounted for by the natives — Maori and representatives of other ethnic groups. The official religion is Christianity, it is practiced by more than half of the population, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Adventists and others are also common. The country has two official languages: English and Maori.

Maori - indigenous people Immigrants from European countries


New Zealand is territorially divided into 17 districts, each of which has its own city center. Let’s talk about the major cities of New Zealand.

The city of Whangarei is located on the Severny Island and is considered a major port of the country. It is famous for its beaches, bays, developed tourist recreation.

The city of Auckland has a unique location and access to the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is popular with numerous volcanoes, bays, mountain ranges, sights.

The city of Hamilton is considered an advanced center of science, technology, education in New Zealand. It often hosts cultural and sporting events within the state.

The city of New Plymouth sheltered the large indigenous population of New Zealand — the Maori. Its main symbol is Mount Taranaki, whose height reaches 2,518 meters. In addition, it is the country’s largest agricultural region with fertile soils and mineral deposits.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and the richest city in the country, which houses government buildings and many objects of cultural life.

The city of Tauranga attracts lovers of beach and outdoor activities, surfers, divers, kayakers. Situated in an area with beautiful landscapes, it is considered the capital of the kiwi fruit, an unofficial New Zealand symbol.

The city of Nelson is the owner of several cozy beaches and a seaport, national parks Kaurangi, Nelson Lakes. The top of one of the hills is considered point Zero, that is, the geographical center of New Zealand.

Christchurch is one of the largest cities in New Zealand and at the same time the main economic, educational and cultural center. It has an international airport and an important sea harbor with the port of Christchurch.

The city of Dunedin is considered the educational center of New Zealand because of the two universities located on its territory. This is a city where a lot of young people live.


The most significant attraction of New Zealand is the unique nature, which has given rise to many national and marine parks, lakes, caves, waterfalls, huge beaches, glaciers, snow-capped mountains and much more.

The Milford Sound fjord is called the «Eighth Wonder of the World» for a reason, it appeared more than 20 thousand years ago and surprises with the neighborhood of mountains, forests, sheer cliffs, sparkling waters of the bay and an unimaginably beautiful and high sky.

Milford Sound Fjord

Severny Island is a haven of dormant volcanoes, lively and strong geysers, meadows of lush greenery, emerald forests, beautiful mountains. The most beautiful national parks of New Zealand are located here: Urevera, Wanganui, Egmont, Tongariro.

The South Island is no less interesting from a tourist point of view, its territory is home to the country’s famous parks: Fiordland, Arthur’s Pass, Abel Tasman, Paparoa, Nelson Lakes, Mount Cook, Mount Aspiring, Kaurangi, Westland.

Traveling around the cities you can see a lot of interesting things. For example, in Auckland there is the largest aquarium located underground — Kelly Tarleton’s Underwater World. The revolving television tower Sky Tower, a unique building of its kind, adorns one of the districts of the city. There is also a restaurant on a tree, which is considered an exclusive architectural solution. No less interesting are St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Voyager Maritime Museum, the Auckland Zoo and others.

The capital of New Zealand — Wellington is fraught with many interesting things. Be sure to visit the busy Cuba Street, take a ride on one of the cable car trams to view the city from above. Spend time on excursions to the National Museum, City Art Gallery, Sacred Heart Cathedral. In addition, Wellington has a lot of all kinds of parks and squares, of particular interest is the Botanical Garden, recognized as one of the best not only in the country, but also in the world.

Traveling to the city of Naipir promises to be exciting, because it is built in the style of 20th century architecture. New Zealand Dunedin offers a walk along the steepest street, located at an angle of 40 degrees.

A real natural wonder is the Firefly Cave in the caves of Ruakokoputuna, inhabited by millions of the smallest insects glowing with an unusual light. Walking along them will give a lot of impressions.

The fairy-tale village of Hobbiton, in which the events of the movie «The Lord of the Rings» unfold, is also located in New Zealand. It originated on the site of a sheep farm owned by a family living in the nearby town of Matamata. The director of the film was attracted by the amazing nature and the complete absence of civilization in these places.

firefly cave hobbit village

Lake Rotorua, located in the crater of an extinct volcano, and the Valley of Geysers in New Zealand are very popular in the tourist environment.

The cleanest lakes of New Zealand are amazingly beautiful, the most famous are Taupo and Blue Lake.

All about places of residence

With a developed tourism industry, New Zealand is considered one of the countries where holidays will be comfortable and safe. As for living in the cities of New Zealand, it is diverse and is represented by various hotels and inns, as well as more modest places. Compliance with the star rating of hotels is checked by the Qualmark agency.

Top-class hotels are part of the global hotel chains and are distinguished by luxury. More often located in large cities such as Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown, Rotorua. Hotels of the lower level are more often located in the central part of cities and differ in individuality.

One of the best hotels in New Zealand

The most democratic is considered to be accommodation in family hotels Bed & Breakfast, which offer accommodation and a light breakfast for a moderate fee. If you decide to go on an independent trip to New Zealand by car, then it is convenient to stay at campsites that are equipped with all the necessary things for a reasonable fee.

New Zealand Cuisine

New Zealand cuisine perfectly combines national traditions with the peculiarities of English cuisine and the nearest state of Australia. The local population loves to cook meat (especially lamb) and various seafood. The favorite national dish in New Zealand is baked fish and fried potatoes with lots of greens and vegetables. New Zealanders also love kumara — sweet potatoes, kiwi, any food cooked on an open fire. The inhabitants of the islands drink a lot of green tea and local wines.

New Zealand cuisine

Shopping, shopping, souvenirs

In many regions of New Zealand, excellent wool is produced, from which warm and very soft blankets, slippers, sweaters, mittens, and hats are later made. Any of these products will be an excellent purchase for personal use and a good gift for relatives and loved ones. New Zealand jewelers are famous for their excellent taste and elegance of work, so jewelry made of precious metals and stones can be bought and worn with pleasure for many years. The cosmetic products of the state are known all over the world, which are based on mineral mud, salts, algae. As souvenirs, more often than usual, they buy figurines of a kiwi bird and masks, jewelry, weapons made by artisans of the Maori tribe.

Kiwi bird figurine

Interesting New Zealand Facts:

A lot of interesting facts are known about the country, here are some of them.

  1. New Zealand became the first world power to introduce universal suffrage.
  2. Mount Cook and the strait of the same name in the country are associated with the name of the pioneer James Cook, although there is evidence that the first person to visit the coast of New Zealand was Abel Tasman.
  3. New Zealand is one of the top three countries to have two pieces of music as their official anthems.
  4. The state has declared nuclear-free status, so New Zealand still does not have nuclear power plants.
  5. New Zealand agricultural products are recognized as the highest quality in the world market.
  6. The highest point of the island of New Zealand is considered to be Mount Cook, whose height is 3754 meters.
  7. You can legally drive a car in New Zealand at the age of fifteen.
  8. Most of the electricity (about 65%) is obtained from the use of heat from volcanoes and dams built on large rivers.

Security in the country

The island nation of New Zealand is considered one of the three safest countries in the world. The streets of cities and villages are calm at any time of the day, which is why the crime rate has been very low for many years. In public places, it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages of any strength, people who use drugs are especially severely punished.

Going on a trip to New Zealand, you need to remember a single emergency phone number, if you still find yourself in an unpleasant situation, then call 111. To clarify or find out useful information, dial 018.