25 Best Los Angeles Attractions


Los Ange­les is a place where you can see behind the scenes of Hol­ly­wood, walk along the famous Walk of Fame and lis­ten to live per­for­mances of leg­endary stand-up come­di­ans. This is a city built for enter­tain­ment.

los angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Ange­les is so diverse that there are enter­tain­ment for every taste. But first of all, fans of the film and ani­ma­tion indus­try will like it. Los Ange­les is home to the world’s largest film stu­dios: Uni­ver­sal, Para­mount and Warn­er Broth­ers. True fans will enjoy walk­ing along the Walk of Fame and stop­ping by the Kodak Muse­um, the home of the Oscar stat­uettes.

The city on the Cal­i­for­nia coast is famous not only for film pro­duc­tion. For exam­ple, the local muse­um has the largest col­lec­tion of fos­sil ani­mals, and the con­cert hall gives con­certs of clas­si­cal music, which has no equal.

For tourists with kids in Los Ange­les there is a huge zoo, where hun­dreds of ani­mals are col­lect­ed, includ­ing rep­re­sen­ta­tives of 29 endan­gered species. And with old­er guys, you can safe­ly go to the old­est Dis­ney­land in Amer­i­ca.

Ath­letes and fans will be inter­est­ed in vis­it­ing the Col­i­se­um sta­di­um and the huge park area locat­ed near­by. The­ater­go­ers and musi­cians can indulge in a vis­it to the Walt Dis­ney Con­cert Hall, his­to­ry fans will dis­cov­er the world of archae­o­log­i­cal exca­va­tions, ancient ani­mals and fos­sils.

Cinema world

Hollywood sign

snak goliwood

The famous dream fac­to­ry sym­bol was orig­i­nal­ly an adver­tise­ment for a new res­i­den­tial area in the hills. Today, pho­tograph­ing against the back­drop of giant let­ters is an oblig­a­tory part of the pro­gram for vis­it­ing Los Ange­les. The best view of the inscrip­tion is from Grif­fith Park. How­ev­er, thrill-seek­ers can try to climb clos­er to it and try to climb one of the 15-meter sym­bols.

Warner Brothers Film Studio

kinostudia warner brothers

Next stop is the Warn­er Broth­ers film stu­dio. Here, fans of mod­ern cin­e­ma will be able to see and touch real props from the film­ing of films and TV shows, walk along the streets where Sex and the City, Heart of Dix­ie and even The Big Bang The­o­ry were filmed.

Vis­i­tors will be able to sit on the famous sofa from Friends, see the fly­ing car from Har­ry Pot­ter, touch the cos­tumes of San­dra Bul­lock and George Clooney from Grav­i­ty.

Paramount Film Studio

kinostudia paramount

One of the old­est stu­dios in Hol­ly­wood. There are streets and pavil­ions in which numer­ous shows and films are filmed. The tour will espe­cial­ly appeal to fans of Hitch­cock and King: the stu­dio has pre­served props and scenery from each part of their film nov­els.

Through the glass walls you can watch the film­ing process, and if you’re lucky, you can become part of the extras. The tour takes place on a small elec­tric car and lasts about 5 hours. At the end of the tour, you will be able to pur­chase mem­o­ra­bil­ia and sou­venirs.

Avenue of Stars

aleya svesd

There are more than 2500 thou­sand stars on the Hol­ly­wood Walk­way, each of which is ded­i­cat­ed to a spe­cif­ic actor, musi­cian, pro­duc­er or oth­er cul­tur­al fig­ure. To find famil­iar names, you will have to work hard: the alley stretch­es for almost 18 blocks.

Grammy Museum

musei gremmi

A true par­adise for music lovers and any­one inter­est­ed in the Gram­my Awards. The muse­um occu­pies 4 floors. Here you can see how the look of the gold­en gramo­phone has changed, watch the per­for­mances of the musi­cians who were nom­i­nat­ed and received the cov­et­ed stat­uette, and also get acquaint­ed with the chronol­o­gy of the cer­e­mo­ny. On the ground floor there is a sou­venir shop.

Cultural attractions

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

kitaiskii teatr

Con­tin­u­ing your tour of the cin­e­mat­ic world of Los Ange­les, you should def­i­nite­ly look into the TCL Chi­nese The­ater, where the pre­mieres of most Hol­ly­wood films tra­di­tion­al­ly take place. The cin­e­ma can accom­mo­date more than 1000 spec­ta­tors.

On the square in front of it is its own Walk of Fame, which con­tains hand and foot­prints of actors, direc­tors and oth­er artists, start­ing with Char­lie Chap­lin.

Getty Art Center

centr iskustv gemmi

The Muse­um Research Cen­ter is con­sid­ered the world’s largest phil­an­thropic orga­ni­za­tion. It is locat­ed on a high hill with a breath­tak­ing view of the city sky­line. You will have to get to your des­ti­na­tion using one of the three funic­u­lars.

The com­plex con­sists of sev­er­al inter­con­nect­ed build­ings. One of them hous­es a muse­um dis­play­ing can­vas­es, sculp­tures, man­u­scripts and draw­ings by artists and artists up to the 20th cen­tu­ry.

The adja­cent build­ing hous­es the Get­ty Research Insti­tute, with a library of 900,000 books and an art gallery. The com­plex has a large beau­ti­ful gar­den with water­falls, foun­tains and a pond.

Theater “Kodak”

teatr kodak

The leg­endary Oscar cer­e­mo­ny takes place here. And if it’s almost impos­si­ble to get to the the­ater on the days of the award, the rest of the time you can go there for a con­cert or show. Tall ceil­ings, red car­pets and the incred­i­ble solem­ni­ty of the hall will not leave indif­fer­ent even those who are not very fond of cin­e­ma.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

concertni sal

The newest con­cert hall and home of the Los Ange­les Phil­har­mon­ic Orches­tra has a futur­is­tic design and cov­ers an area of ​​14 hectares. The acoustics of the con­cert hall is con­sid­ered the best in the world, but its exte­ri­or still rais­es many ques­tions and dis­putes. Con­certs of clas­si­cal and organ music tra­di­tion­al­ly take place here, some­times jazz musi­cians also take the stage.

Hollywood Bowl

goluwood bol

If the prices at the Walt Dis­ney Con­cert Hall make it a priv­i­leged audi­ence, then every­one can enjoy the beau­ti­ful music at the Hol­ly­wood Bowl. This is one of the largest amphithe­aters locat­ed in the open air. All vis­i­tors are allowed to bring their own food and drinks.

Most of the sched­ule is occu­pied by the per­for­mance of the Hol­ly­wood Orches­tra, but some­times pop­u­lar per­form­ers and even the Phil­har­mon­ic Orches­tra drop in here.

Entertainment for children

Disneyland and Adventure Park


There are actu­al­ly two parks here, and they are locat­ed oppo­site each oth­er. In the old park, tourists will be met by char­ac­ters from clas­sic Dis­ney car­toons. Here you can shake hands with Mick­ey Mouse, touch Goofy’s nose or watch a per­for­mance from The Lit­tle Mer­maid. Attrac­tions — fun­ny, scary, just for chil­dren — a great many. Just a few days is not enough to even see each of them.

Oppo­site the clas­sic Dis­ney­land is Adven­ture Parc. It is intend­ed for old­er vis­i­tors — adults and chil­dren from 12 years old. Here you can tick­le your nerves by climb­ing the tow­er of hor­ror, enjoy the panoram­ic view from the slides or vis­it the 4D show with real trans­form­ers.

Universals Studios Park

park universal

This is not a clas­sic tour of the stu­dio pavil­ions, but a real action adven­ture. Vis­i­tors will feel like real par­tic­i­pants in the film­ing. Guests will feel the force of an earth­quake of 8 points, try to escape from the rag­ing floods, have fun in the flood­ed water world, shake hands with Shrek and vis­it the paws of King Kong.

Next to the enter­tain­ment area is a park with foun­tains, pic­nic tables and walk­ing paths.



For very young tourists who still can­not appre­ci­ate the scale of giant carousels and roller coast­ers, there is a huge zoo-reserve in Los Ange­les. About 1000 mam­mals, rep­tiles and birds live there in spa­cious enclo­sures. Of these, almost three dozen are list­ed in the Red Book and are under the pro­tec­tion of UNESCO. The zoo has cozy areas with pic­nic tables and play­grounds.


Madame Tussauds museum

musei tusso

If you can’t meet world-class celebri­ties on the streets of Los Ange­les, then you can always look at them and take a cou­ple of mem­o­rable pic­tures at Madame Tus­sauds. Here are col­lect­ed wax fig­ures of stars of the first mag­ni­tude and ris­ing tal­ents. Each of them is pre­sent­ed in its own scenery, giv­ing great scope for imag­i­na­tion when pho­tograph­ing. The col­lec­tion of the muse­um is con­stant­ly updat­ed and changed.

Modern Art Museum

museum sovr isk

The halls of the Muse­um of Mod­ern Art con­tain more than 6,000 paint­ings, pho­tographs, instal­la­tions and oth­er works by con­tem­po­rary fig­ures in Europe and Amer­i­ca. They cov­er the last 75 years and rep­re­sent a unique chron­i­cle of the devel­op­ment of mankind from sim­ple daguerreo­types and prim­i­tive movie cam­eras to cut­ting-edge holo­grams and 3D tech­nolo­gies.

Museum of Natural History

musei estestvosnania

It con­tains the largest col­lec­tion of fos­sils in Amer­i­ca and presents the his­to­ry of the States, start­ing from the moment the first col­o­niz­ers land­ed. The audio guide will tell you in detail about each exhib­it, and inter­est­ing facts from the his­to­ry will make you for­get from fatigue.

The hall with the recon­struc­tion of the world of dinosaurs is espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar. The whole room is divid­ed into three func­tion­al zones, each of which cov­ers one peri­od of his­to­ry.

bituminous lakes

bitumnie osera

Seething resin on one of the out­skirts of Los Ange­les is a patch of nat­ur­al uncured asphalt. Archae­ol­o­gists have been work­ing here for decades, bring­ing to light the bones of mam­moths, saber-toothed tigers and oth­er pre­his­toric ani­mals that once fell into a vis­cous trap.

To date, more than half a mil­lion fos­sils have been recov­ered from Lake Los Ange­les, and accord­ing to experts, the same num­ber of antiq­ui­ties remain buried at the bot­tom.

Most of the finds are exhib­it­ed in the pale­on­to­log­i­cal muse­um oppo­site. Arche­ol­o­gy lovers have a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to observe direct­ly the work of sci­en­tists.

Petersen Museum

musei petersena

The muse­um is entire­ly ded­i­cat­ed to cars from their incep­tion to the present day. The huge expo­si­tion was orga­nized thanks to the help of the media mogul Peter­son, after whom the muse­um was named. A sep­a­rate floor is ded­i­cat­ed to Hol­ly­wood block­busters based on rac­ing and cars.

California Science Center

scientific center

The muse­um is ded­i­cat­ed to the achieve­ments of mankind in the field of avi­a­tion, astro­nau­tics and oth­er sci­ence-inten­sive activ­i­ties. In a sep­a­rate room, the Endeav­or shut­tle is pre­sent­ed, which can be viewed inside and out. Sci­en­tif­ic con­fer­ences and the­mat­ic events are held week­ly on the basis of the cen­ter, in which any­one can take part.


Memorial Colosseum

Memorialni Kolisei

The world’s largest sports are­na has twice host­ed the Olympic Games: in 1932 and 1984. It is planned that the sta­di­um will also host par­tic­i­pants of the 2028 Sum­mer Olympics. It can accom­mo­date more than 100,000 spec­ta­tors and is equipped with every­thing nec­es­sary for hold­ing com­pe­ti­tions. The leg­endary speech­es of the Amer­i­can pres­i­dents Kennedy, Nixon and Rea­gan once took place here.

Staple Center Arena

arena staple

The sec­ond most impor­tant sta­di­um in Los Ange­les is locat­ed in Down­town. It is the home prac­tice ground of the Los Ange­les Lak­ers bas­ket­ball team and the Kings hock­ey team. Every day the cen­ter becomes a venue for all kinds of sports com­pe­ti­tions and pub­lic events. Life in the sta­di­um area is in full swing day and night, so there is some­thing to see here at any time of the day.

Dodgers Stadium

stadium dodgers

Base­ball fans should head to Amer­i­ca’s old­est sta­di­um, where the Unit­ed States Dodgers prac­tice today. Friend­ly and cup match­es are held here almost every day. The are­na is often vis­it­ed by sports stars and just lovers of fun com­pe­ti­tions.

Places for walking

Griffith Park

park griffita

Grif­fith Park is a pecu­liar and inter­est­ing sym­bio­sis of untouched land­scapes and cut­ting-edge enter­tain­ment. Spread over 1,700 hectares of Hol­ly­wood Hills, it is con­sid­ered the largest munic­i­pal recre­ation area on the entire coast of Cal­i­for­nia.

From the obser­va­tion deck you can look at the famous inscrip­tion “Hol­ly­wood”. But the main attrac­tion of the park is the Grif­fith Obser­va­to­ry, where for a fee you can look through a tele­scope, vis­it the show “In the Cen­ter of the Uni­verse”, vis­it the plan­e­tar­i­um and see the Fou­cault pen­du­lum, which clear­ly demon­strates the essence of the dai­ly rota­tion of the Earth.

Fans of out­door activ­i­ties will dis­cov­er trails laid through­out the park. You can have a pic­nic in one of the many clear­ings. Vis­i­tors with chil­dren will relax on the play­ground with a swim­ming pool, play foot­ball, golf and oth­er games.

Grif­fith Park has an are­na where top stars per­form, from Sting to Paul McCart­ney.

Santa Monica Pier

pirs santa monika

Once a dump­ing ground for waste­water into the ocean, San­ta Mon­i­ca Pier is now con­sid­ered one of the most beau­ti­ful vaca­tion spots along the Cal­i­for­nia coast. There are numer­ous bars and cafes, carousels and water slides.

In spring, the Cirque du Soleil pitch­es its tent near the pier. The famous his­toric High­way 66 orig­i­nates near­by, as evi­denced by the cor­re­spond­ing sign. Many tourists come here just for the sake of a pho­to with the leg­endary road sign.

Beverly Hills area

beverly hills

The place where the heart of all fans of the famous series beats faster. Here are the hous­es of the most famous peo­ple on the plan­et: movie stars, indus­tri­al and oil mag­nates, ath­letes and oth­ers. Espe­cial­ly for tourists, an excur­sion by bus is orga­nized, from the win­dow of which you can qui­et­ly pho­to­graph a gap­ing star.


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