Top 10 Things to Do in Liberia


Liberia is a trea­sure trove of nat­ur­al attrac­tions that will impress tourists. This is the choice for sea­soned trav­el­ers who want to explore a new des­ti­na­tion and sat­is­fy their thirst for adven­ture.


Things to do in Liberia

The beau­ty of untouched nature, the fas­ci­nat­ing his­to­ry of local tribes, the cul­ture of the local pop­u­la­tion — this is only a small part of the rea­sons to trav­el to the heart of West Africa.

Mon­rovia is fast becom­ing a pop­u­lar beach des­ti­na­tion. And hik­ing enthu­si­asts can take excur­sions in the inte­ri­or of the coun­try, where they are wait­ing for the gold­en beach­es of the Atlantic coast, surf­ing spots, as well as impen­e­tra­ble jun­gles with exot­ic inhab­i­tants.

natural attractions

Wongan waterfall


The water­fall is 50 meters high and 60 meters wide. Cas­cades of water fall down, mak­ing a lot of noise, and at the foot turn­ing into a calm lake.

Under the falls there is an island that is open to vis­i­tors through­out the year. This is a kind of park, over­grown with a dense moist for­est full of endem­ic plants and ani­mals. Hunt­ing is pro­hib­it­ed in these areas. Won­gan Falls is a place of mes­mer­iz­ing beau­ty where tourists enjoy peace.

golsky forest

golski les

The new name for Lofa Mano Nation­al Park, a patch of primeval rain­for­est that stretch­es along the coun­try’s north­ern bor­der with Sier­ra Leone. One of the dens­est remain­ing forests in the region.

There are cen­turies-old trees all around and thick­ets of ferns hid­den in the under­growth. Exot­ic drag­on­flies flut­ter among the flow­ers, chim­panzees sway on the branch­es. And rare pygmy hip­pos live in this for­est.

Reserve East Nimba

sapovednik nimba

The park cov­ers an area of ​​13.5 hectares and includes the rich­est col­lec­tion of flo­ra and fau­na in all of West Africa. This was made pos­si­ble due to the unique geo­graph­i­cal loca­tion and cli­mate.

The reserve is rich not only in vast plant pop­u­la­tions, but also in endem­ic species of vivip­a­rous toads and horse­shoe bats. Chim­panzees are also observed here, who use stones as tools.

It is note­wor­thy that you can get a com­plete overview of the ter­ri­to­ry of the reserve by climb­ing to the top of a near­by moun­tain.

Sapo National Park

nac park sapo

The area of ​​1804 square kilo­me­ters is inhab­it­ed by a wide vari­ety of mam­mals. This is the only place where the last islands of untouched trop­i­cal forests remain. They hide for­est ele­phants, pygmy hip­pos, chim­panzees, antelopes and oth­er wild ani­mals, although their pop­u­la­tions suf­fered great­ly dur­ing the war. The park is locat­ed in the province of Sinoe — a trip from Mon­rovia takes just over 10 hours.

Marshall Island

marshall island

Tourists are encour­aged to vis­it it for two rea­sons. The first is the abun­dance of emp­ty beach­es, each sur­round­ed by palm forests and man­groves. The best option for enjoy­ing camp­ing on the Liber­ian coast.

The sec­ond rea­son was the arch­i­pel­ago, called the “Island of the Mon­keys.” It has become home to adorable chim­panzees. Res­cued from research labs dur­ing the civ­il war, they enjoy swing­ing in branch­es, teas­ing tourists and throw­ing fruit.

Beaches, resorts and entertainment

Resort Libassa

kurort libasa

Built in a palm for­est, this resort has become a place to con­tem­plate nature and relax from every­day life. Tourists are attract­ed by a well-groomed coast­line, exot­ic botan­i­cal gar­dens, an abun­dance of trop­i­cal flow­ers, but­ter­flies and birds. The hous­es here are built in such a way that from every win­dow there is a panoram­ic view of the crys­tal clear water and the sur­round­ing man­groves.

Libas­sa is locat­ed at the junc­tion of a qui­et lagoon and the open sea. This fact diver­si­fies water activ­i­ties by includ­ing not only swim­ming, but also canoe­ing and water polo com­pe­ti­tions in the pro­gram.


robert sport

Mon­rovia is famous for its surf beach­es. Robert­sport became king among them. Tourists gath­er here to ride the high­est wave. Begin­ners take lessons on week­days when there are few­er tourists on the beach. Pro­fes­sion­als like to come on week­ends when there are more spec­ta­tors.

Surf schools pro­vide train­ing for begin­ners. But peo­ple also come here to stroll along the coastal paths, see the attrac­tive cor­ners of Cape Mount Bay, cozy stone church­es or go to the shops.



The sea­side town is locat­ed three hours from the cap­i­tal of Liberia. Here begins acquain­tance with the coastal part of West Africa. The beach­es are dis­tin­guished by their pris­tine beau­ty, the pic­ture of par­adise is com­ple­ment­ed by slow­ly sway­ing palm trees.

Chil­dren play in the shal­low water, and nature lovers can set up camp here. Bam­boo huts are scat­tered along the shore, which are rent­ed to tourists. Beach bars are locat­ed among the dwellings.

Monuments of architecture and interesting places

fortress wall

krepostnaya wall

In Yal­la, there is the Kpaya Wall, which tells about the life of Liberi­ans and their meth­ods of pro­tec­tion from raids. The fortress wall is 300 years old. This is an ancient mas­sive struc­ture, dat­ing back to the found­ing of Liberia in 1822.

Although parts of it are now in ruins, the wall remains a valu­able his­tor­i­cal site. The struc­ture is built in such a way as to repel the attacks of oth­er tribes and at the same time con­trol the inhab­i­tants.

Tribal villages of Voinjame


Nes­tled in the jun­gles of Liberi­a’s north­east­ern out­skirts, the small region­al cen­ter of Voin­ja­ma pro­vides a pic­ture of rur­al West African life. There is lit­tle romance: there are no roads here, and the hous­es are cov­ered with straw, which does not pro­tect from rains.

High humid­i­ty and heat will make the hike even less enjoy­able. And only those in whom the spir­it of adven­tur­ism is strong decide on such an adven­ture. But it’s worth it. The most coura­geous trav­el­ers will meet rep­re­sen­ta­tives of ancient civ­i­liza­tions cut off from the world.


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