An amazing country with landscapes of pristine beauty. Here there is a strong feeling that time has stopped, and civilization has stepped further, leaving behind an untouched, original corner. This attracts tourists from different countries to Guinea.


Who travels to Guinea and why

Guinea is a charming place, perhaps the best of all that is on earth. The Futa Jalon Plateau deserves special attention — it is a real paradise for those who like to travel to unexplored places. Such landscapes as here, you will not find anywhere else in the world. Waterfalls, picturesque lakes and impenetrable jungle — there will be many impressions.

Man-made sights are also enough. Here you can see the nearby Christian cathedral and Muslim mosque, as well as visit the Center for Folk Crafts and admire the elegant little things made by local craftsmen.

architectural landmarks

Villa Sealy

villa sill

The residence of the former French governor was built in 1936 and is a three-story building in the Roman style. During the last decades it was on the verge of destruction, but the villa has recently been renovated and is now open to tourists.

There is a garden with statues of horses on the territory. There is no set time for excursions, but a watchman is constantly on duty here, who will not only open, but also tell many fascinating stories about the villa.

Palace of Muhammad V

dvorec muhameda

Destroyed by shelling by rebel troops in 1996, the former Palais des Nations has now been renovated, reopened and renamed the Palace of Mohammed V. This name was given to him in honor of the late Moroccan king.

Today, as before the destruction, it is used for high-level governmental and international summits and is closed to the public. But you can admire the majestic facades, statues and lush flower beds from afar.

Site de Niger

sitta de niger

This building was built on a hill in Faranah by the first President of Guinea, Ahmed Sekou Toure to accommodate guests. After his death in 1984, the building fell into disrepair. But relatively recently, a renovation project was approved, and when the Cite de Niger reopens, there will be a museum and a hotel.

This building is part of the history of the country, and it is planned to completely restore it to its original form. Four floors, massive columns at the entrance and windows with intricate stucco — all this will soon be available to tourists and local residents.

Museums and parks

Chimpanzee Rescue Center

centr spasenia shimpanse

The only place where you will definitely see large mammals is the Chimpanzee Conservation Center. This is a French project in which primates rescued from the exotic animal trade are brought here. After a while, they return to the wild again.

The center does not actively encourage visitors. Getting here is not easy — you have to drive almost 5 hours from the nearest settlement. However, if you are truly interested in learning more about chimpanzees in Guinea, it is well worth the effort.

Hout National Park Niger

nac park haurut

It covers an area of ​​1200 sq. km. It is the last stretch of intact rainforest in West Africa and one of the protected areas in Guinea. Here the forest is interspersed with savannah ridges with luxurious meadows through which the Niger River flows.

The area is home to many wildlife, including chimpanzees, buffaloes, as well as crocodiles and hippos. To get to the park, you should first visit the village of Sanbaya. Here you can find a guide. The park itself begins north of the village.

Exhibition Center in Nzerekore

vistavochni center

A modern center for local arts and crafts. Here visitors can watch how craftsmen are engaged in carving, weaving, forging and embroidery, sewing. If you’re lucky, you can also see a traditional dance performed by locals.

The Center has its own museum exhibition with statues and carvings. In addition, products go on sale immediately after production. The only inconvenience is that the exhibition is hard to find. The center is located north of the city, surrounded by forest.

Museum of the Prefectures de Quissidougou

musei prefecture

Africa attracts with its originality, unique culture, traditions and rituals. The small city museum, which is located opposite the police station, has a collection of masks, statues and musical instruments, many of which are used in religious or mystical ceremonies.

What can only be seen in films is tangible here. Ancient masks with strange images, outfits, staves, amulets are carefully kept within the walls of the museum.

natural attractions

Futa Jalon Plateau


Futa Jalon is a magnificent plateau and one of the pearls of Conakry. For lovers of hiking and difficult routes, this is a great place. At least three directions will allow you to just walk, try yourself as a climber or experience unforgettable adventures.

The plateau is well known for its high waterfalls and cliffs, as well as its distinctive villages where ancient cultures are still alive. Impressions from the tour will last for years to come.

Mountains of Cambadaga

gori kambadaga

Sheer cliffs and waterfalls are a bewitching sight. The Cambadaga Mountains, located 35 km west of Pita, are a great place to observe the surroundings. The waterfall is divided into three powerful streams that frame the emerald jungle, where monkeys and many colorful birds live. The path to the waterfall is difficult — at least 17 km along a bumpy road, and from here it is about an hour on foot along mountain trails.

Saal Hills

holmi saala

A fascinating excursion from Labe leads to a waterfall near the village of Diari. The distance of 30 km by car is not so great, but the road is bad: it will take an hour or two to get to the place.

A favorite sight of tourists is the impressive hills of Saala, where the water cascades down, turning into numerous waterfalls. Complements the pastoral picture of the surrounding forest. Vacationers here have picnics, swim and walk, watching the life of monkeys and other inhabitants of the jungle.

Waterfall in Dalab


One of the highest and most beautiful Guinean waterfalls falls down from a 120-meter cliff. A cloud of small drops constantly hangs here — in the heat it is pleasant to feel its refreshing coolness. The village of Ditinn is located 35 km from Dalaba and the waterfall is an hour’s walk away.

On the way, tourists will be able to see the monument to the French explorer René Caille and make a stop at the picturesque Bafing Lake.

Churches and temples

Grand Mosci of Conakry

Grand Mosci

Watching the faithful flock here on a Friday night provides a deeper understanding of this country. And the Grand Mosca of Conakry itself is an amazing sight. The mosque, built in 1984, is a fairly modern building, but its architecture is exactly the same as similar buildings of the late 17th century.

Grand Mosci can accommodate up to 10,000 worshipers. Representatives of other religions are not prohibited from entering the territory, but visiting for the sake of curiosity is not welcome. Therefore, non-Muslims will have to be content with admiring the mosque from the outside.

Sainte Marie Cathedral

sobor marii

It is amazing to see the temple next to the huge mosque. Despite the fact that the Christian population is in the minority here, the faithful manage to fill Sainte-Marie every Sunday morning.

Construction of the church began in 1928. The building is decorated in a modern style, the interior includes several icons and paintings depicting biblical scenes — in general, the atmosphere can be called modest. In addition to Sunday service, the church is always open to believers and connoisseurs of beauty.