Top 20 Jamaica Attractions


Jamaica is the per­fect place for relax­ation and adven­ture. There are beau­ti­ful places with wildlife, rivers and caves, pris­tine beach­es with azure water and vibrant marine life. Films and doc­u­men­taries about the under­wa­ter world are made in Jamaica, and tourists swim with dol­phins and raft down the rivers on bam­boo rafts.


Who and why should come to Jamaica

Jamaica attracts surfers, div­ing and sail­ing enthu­si­asts with its beau­ti­ful beach­es with clear waters. The coral reefs are home to beau­ti­ful trop­i­cal fish and crabs.

Beach lovers and fam­i­lies with chil­dren can swim with dol­phins here, ride hors­es along the coast and vis­it one of the many nation­al parks.

Fans of Bob Mar­ley come to Jamaica to vis­it his house, which has become a muse­um, to feel the atmos­phere of reg­gae at one of the many beach par­ties, to walk around the area where the idol of mil­lions grew up.

natural attractions

Seven Mile Beach in Negril

seven beach

White sand, incred­i­bly clear turquoise blue water and stun­ning sun­sets, this is Sev­en Mile Beach. Con­ve­nient­ly locat­ed just over an hour from Mon­tego Bay, it is Jamaica’s most pop­u­lar attrac­tion. The beach is pro­tect­ed by one of the largest reefs in the Caribbean — the water is always calm and there are no big waves.

In addi­tion to relax­ing on the beach and swim­ming on Sev­en Mile, you can go kayak­ing or boat­ing, snor­kel­ing and take a clos­er look at the inhab­i­tants of coral reefs. And when you get out of the water, ride hors­es along the shore or relax on the sand, sip­ping coconut milk through a straw.

Reach Falls

vodopad rich

The water­fall locat­ed in Port­land and the pic­turesque nature sur­round­ing it annu­al­ly attracts crowds of tourists. Bright blue water falls from a height of 36 meters in a cas­cade of sev­en steps. At each lev­el, water is col­lect­ed in small lakes where you can swim.

Near­by there are recre­ation areas with tourist infra­struc­ture. Extreme lovers are offered to go by cable car or bungee jump. By the way, not far from the water­fall there are rocky caves in which run­away slaves used to hide.

Blue Lagoon

goluba laguna

Jun­gles with trop­i­cal plants and col­or­ful birds sur­round the lagoon with crys­tal clear waters. Pre­vi­ous­ly, it was called the Blue Hole — this mag­nif­i­cent place received a more poet­ic name after the release of the film of the same name.

Fresh water from min­er­al springs flows into salt water from the Caribbean Sea, fill­ing this lagoon. Its col­or changes from sap­phire and roy­al blue to turquoise — depend­ing on how the sun’s rays fall. You can go boat­ing or bam­boo raft­ing in the lagoon, or snorkelling to see the beau­ti­ful under­wa­ter life.

Dunn’s River Falls

vodopad danns

The water­falls near the city of Ocho Rios are sur­round­ed by a nation­al nat­ur­al park. The rain­for­est is inhab­it­ed by bright birds and jun­gle ani­mals, and is full of out­landish flow­ers.

A walk through the reserve ends with 180-meter water­falls flow­ing down straight stone ledges. They resem­ble a lad­der in the rock, and every tourist tries to climb its stone steps to the top.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

pliag doktorska peshera

This is the best beach in Mon­tego Bay and a favorite vaca­tion spot for locals and tourists. How­ev­er, the cave that gave it its name was destroyed by a hur­ri­cane in 1932. There is a marine park near the beach. If you take a canoe from the tour desk, you can enjoy a walk through the wildlife reserve, watch birds and ani­mals.

Frenchman’s bay

bukhta francusov

One of the most famous beach­es in Jamaica with blue clear water, white sand, a riv­er that flows direct­ly into the sea, and a swing set on its banks. The bay resem­bles an ani­mat­ed post­card. The local restau­rant offers snacks, drinks and nation­al cui­sine with fresh seafood.

Martha Bre River

reka marta bre

Martha Bre is one of the best white water raft­ing spots in Jamaica. Tourists can take a relax­ing trip on a bam­boo raft down the riv­er with an expe­ri­enced cap­tain, enjoy­ing the beau­ty of the sur­round­ings.

The jour­ney ends with a swim in the beau­ti­ful jade water. Then you can relax at the Martha Brae Riv­er Ranch, lis­ten to local tales and leg­ends about the riv­er, while drink­ing soft drinks.

Blue Mountains

dove gori

This is one of the high­est moun­tain ranges in the Caribbean. The chain of peaks stretch­es over four coun­ties: St. Andrew, St. Thomas, Port­land and St. Mary. They offer stun­ning views of the sur­round­ing area.

Climb the moun­tains to see a fiery sun­set and a breath­tak­ing sun­rise. From the high­est points on a clear day you can even see Cuba and Haiti. In addi­tion, the Blue Moun­tains are a UNESCO World Her­itage Site in their own right.

Fern Gully Road

fern gali road

The road through trop­i­cal ever­greens inhab­it­ed by exot­ic ani­mals and col­or­ful birds stretched for 5 kilo­me­ters. Tree branch­es close over it, form­ing a nat­ur­al tun­nel, full of flow­ers and ferns. The jour­ney begins in the city of Ocho Rios and gives a lot of pleas­ant expe­ri­ences.

Entertainment, museums and sports

Rose Hall

rouls hall

The home of plan­ta­tion own­er John Palmer is known as a spooky and sin­is­ter place. The Geor­gian man­sion scared the locals for more than two cen­turies until it became a tourist attrac­tion. And it’s all about the leg­ends of the White Witch.

The estate was built in 1770 by a planter and named after his wife, Annie Rose Palmer. The young Eng­lish­woman was brought up in Haiti and her par­ents were also planters. The girl learned voodoo mag­ic from the slaves and was very suc­cess­ful in this. As soon as John brought his new­ly-made wife to the estate, the world in the house came to an end. A few months lat­er, the slaves began to die, and the nick­name of the White Witch was firm­ly entrenched in the mis­tress.

Amusement Park “Mystic Mountain”

park rasvleceni

Many peo­ple come here to vis­it the amuse­ment park and ride the funic­u­lar, admir­ing the beau­ties of the city from a height, go down the bob­sleigh track and go to the sea water water park.

Dolphin Cove


A unique place where you can swim with dol­phins, watch sharks and croc­o­diles. The nat­ur­al bay, sur­round­ed by wild trop­i­cal forests, is inhab­it­ed by marine ani­mals that man has been able to tame. The inhab­i­tants of the bay are very friend­ly, so guests can walk along the bot­tom of the bay wear­ing a spe­cial hel­met and look­ing at stingrays and fish.

Winnifred Beach in Port Antonio

pliag yinfred

The gold­en sandy shore against the back­drop of lush green thick­ets was hand­ed over by the city author­i­ties to a busi­ness clus­ter for the devel­op­ment of tourism infra­struc­ture. There­fore, Win­nifred is well equipped. Here you can taste fresh­ly caught fish and oth­er deli­cious dish­es in the restau­rant on the beach, relax in the shade, go div­ing or join an excit­ing game of foot­ball with the locals. And on week­ends, after lunch, the beach turns into a place for par­ties.

Boston Bay

bostonski saliv

The bay and the con­ve­nient beach adja­cent to it were cho­sen by surfers. There are excel­lent high waves, which are ide­al for con­quer­ing and sail­ing. Boston Bay will appeal to both begin­ners and pro­fes­sion­als. Those who wish can use the help of instruc­tors.

Sir Noel Coward House Museum

dom musei noelia

His­to­ry buffs, fans of art and lit­er­a­ture will love a trip to the home of the late Sir Noel Cow­ard, the famous Eng­lish play­wright, com­pos­er and actor. Cow­ard was a big fan of the island, and in 1948 he even bought a house here.

He threw par­ties, enter­tain­ing Errol Fly­nn, Eliz­a­beth Tay­lor, Sean Con­nery and oth­er movie stars who came to vis­it his vil­la. After the death of the own­er, the house was donat­ed to the peo­ple of Jamaica and is under the care of the Nation­al Her­itage Trust.

Notable cities and architecture



The main city of Jamaica is the birth­place of Bob Mar­ley, the founder of the musi­cal direc­tion of reg­gae. Kingston is sat­u­rat­ed with music, the nightlife is seething here. In the after­noon, you can vis­it the house-muse­um and record­ing stu­dio of Bob Mar­ley.

Of the archi­tec­tur­al attrac­tions in Kingston, Rock­fort Fortress, Devon House, St. Thomas Cathe­dral and oth­er build­ings will be of inter­est. Local cui­sine is tried in the Jamaican mar­ket, in coastal restau­rants and cafes.

City of Falmouth


Fal­mouth is a well-pre­served set­tle­ment of the colo­nial­ists, which lat­er became a high­ly devel­oped city. Tech­no­log­i­cal progress was mak­ing leaps and bounds here — even run­ning water appeared ear­li­er than in the USA.

The build­ings of the old city are built in the Geor­gian style. And recent­ly, a huge port was built in Fal­mouth, as part of a tourism devel­op­ment pro­gram. Now giant cruise ships are call­ing at the local har­bor, and tourists are flood­ing the city.

Port Royal

port royal

Port Roy­al is a sunken city that has sunk into the depths of the sea, just like the leg­endary Atlantis. Pre­vi­ous­ly, there was a pirate port in which fil­i­busters brought booty from ships cap­tured in the Caribbean Sea.

The city defend­ed its bor­ders from five forts stand­ing on the coast. Fortress­es equipped with can­nons for a long time did not allow gov­ern­ment forces to take the city of cor­sairs and erad­i­cate evil. But still, the pirates have sunk into obliv­ion, and now their city is going under water.

Trench Town

trench town

This is one of the dis­tricts of the cap­i­tal of the island, which was built as a pic­turesque quar­ter. But the plans were not des­tined to come true. It was in this area that the leg­endary Bob Mar­ley was born, who became the founder of a new musi­cal direc­tion — reg­gae.

There is a lot of crime in Trench Town. But this does not both­er trav­el­ers in the slight­est, because here you can see the life of the island from the inside.

Devon House

devon house

The house belonged to Jamaica’s first black mil­lion­aire, George Stibel. Devon House — an estate in the style of the Eng­lish colo­nial­ists, sur­round­ed by a pic­turesque gar­den. The first own­er, dur­ing his life­time, began to col­lect antiques, which today form the basis of the muse­um’s expo­si­tion. Also here you can learn the life sto­ry of the famous cit­i­zens of Jamaica.


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