Eindhoven is the largest city in the south of the Netherlands (and the fifth largest in the country). Here, every traveler will find entertainment to their liking — from art museums to ancient churches and picturesque parks.


Who and why should come to Eindhoven

Lovers of new knowledge will find a lot of interesting things here. There are four museums in the city and its environs, each of which deserves special attention. They tell about the life and way of life of the people, and the presentation itself attracts attention. For the most part, these are not expositions behind glass, but modern installations and actors in themed costumes. The artistic, cultural and technological achievements of the Netherlands are not deprived of attention.

Ancient architecture, original buildings, churches and cathedrals, quiet streets and modern bridges built using the latest achievements of science and technology peacefully coexist in the city. The city itself is hospitable, bright and cozy. To explore it, tourists are offered to rent a bicycle.

Nature lovers will not be bored here either. With children, you can visit zoos and get to know their inhabitants better. The surroundings of the city and the green parks themselves look like green gardens.

Cultural attractions and museums

Philips Museum

musei philips

The exposition of this museum will tell about how Philips has grown from a small manufacturer of light bulbs into a prestigious international corporation. So to speak, the whole company in detail from the moment of its inception to the innovations of tomorrow.

Viewing the expositions and listening to the guide, guests will learn about the ups and downs of the holding or will be able to think about their own business idea. On the second floor there is an exhibition of brand products.

Van Gogh Village Nuenen

derevnia van goga

The artist lived in this village from 1883 to 1885. It was an attempt to recover from the death of his father, with whom Van Gogh was close. In Nuenen, Vincent painted The Potato Eaters, a painting that later became a masterpiece of world painting.

Today, thematic exhibitions are held in the village, attracting tourists to participate in interactive activities. The authentic setting of Nuenen sets the right atmosphere, and the local landscapes will appeal to lovers of painting and art.

Van Abbemuseum (Museum of Modern Art)

van abbavaseum

This museum has been operating since 1900. To date, a collection of 2,700 works is kept here. It includes works by emerging artists, hundreds of paintings and thousands of sculptures. There is also an extensive collection of paintings by the Russian artist El Lissitzky. In addition, the museum owns works by Chagall, Picasso, Kandinsky, Beuys and Kokoschka.

Park Museum of Antiquities

park musei drevnostei

The museum covers three distinct periods: the Iron Age, the Dark Ages before 1000, and the Middle Ages between 1250 and 1600. The expositions illustrate the daily life of the local peoples who lived during these periods. It houses a reconstruction of the village of Eversham, an old farm and the medieval town of Endehoven.

To visit here means to plunge into the life of people of past centuries, to see another world or to see oneself in the role of a medieval inhabitant. The tour is led by actors in ancient costumes, which adds color.

Evoluon Complex

complex evolution

The museum complex with a facade of original futuristic design was built in 1966 with money from Philips. Initially, the building housed the Museum of Science and Technology. Later, changes were made to the initial project, and this amazing building appeared in the suburbs of Eindhoven.

Gradually, the number of visitors began to decrease, and soon the creators had to reconsider the purpose of the complex again. Today it has been turned into a conference center.

PSV Museum at Philips Stadium

musei at the stadium

The sports arena with 35,000 seats has been hosting fans since 1913. The stadium has been repeatedly reconstructed — the last work was completed in 2004. It hosted not only the matches of the Netherlands national team, but also the European Championship.

The arena is home to the PSV football club and hosts a museum dedicated to this team. A free audio guide in several languages ​​will tell you about the club’s cups and awards won, about rare photographs and memorabilia on display. There is a gift shop at the exit.

Hovenring Bridge

most hovering

An unusual bridge for cyclists and pedestrians was built in 2012 according to the project of IPV Delft. With the development of the automobile network, the city became dangerous for pedestrians, and the city authorities categorically refused to build tunnels. Then the construction company proposed an original project that interested residents and authorities.

The ring-shaped bridge is attached with long steel ropes to a 70-meter boom in the middle. The design seems to be floating in the air, and the backlight in the dark only enhances this effect. The diameter of Hovenring is 72 meters, and so far it is the only bridge of this design in the world.

Churches and temples

Church of St. Catherine

cerkov ekaterini

The Roman Catholic Church was built in honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria. The current building replaced the former Catherine’s Church, an old, dilapidated structure between 1861 and 1867. The Neo-Gothic church was designed by Pierre Cuypers, who at that time was still a budding architect.

The Church of St. Catherine has two towers of seventy meters each. In accordance with the French Gothic style, they differ from each other and are called, respectively, the Tower of David and the Tower of Mary. The buildings impress with their height and majestic views. In 1972 the church was declared a national monument of the Netherlands.

Temple of Augustine

hram augustina

The soaring construction of this temple gives the impression of airiness and lightness. It is located in the city center and is visible from almost every point of the city. Inside, everything is done simply and without unnecessary luxury, but at the entrance, a carved altar and an old organ immediately draw attention to yourself.

During the 700 years of the existence of the temple, the hearts of aristocrats and nobility were buried in it, in a special «crypt of hearts». Austrian monarchs also got married here.

Church of St. George

church st georgia

The Sint-Joriskerk temple was built in 1887 by architect van Tulder. The church is a three-nave tower 90 meters high. It is the largest religious building in the city.

The Neo-Gothic basilica stands on the outskirts, away from the usual tourist routes, so it is not popular. But since 1976, the church of St. George has been officially included in the list of national architectural values ​​of the Netherlands.

Interesting places



The longest bar street in Holland. At night, as well as on Friday and Saturday, the street fills with locals and tourists and turns into a bustling avenue. The bars here are designed for all categories of guests, depending on their ability to pay.

Dippie Doe Family Fun Park

park semeinogo otdiha

This park complex is used all year round, since there is not only a summer, but also a winter playground. A room has been built on the territory of Dippie Doe, where entertainment is transferred in cloudy, rainy weather.

First of all, the complex is aimed at children under 13 years old. For a moderate fee, parents leave the kids under the supervision of experienced caregivers and go for a walk or on business.

The park offers a lot of entertainment for young motorists; there is a corner for little rock climbers. And on hot days, locals with children go to the equipped beach.

Zoo Veldhoven


Eindhoven does not have its own zoo, but in the neighboring town of Veldhoven, the zoo of the same name is eagerly visited by both tourists and locals. 2,000 animals live here, including exotic birds, penguins and a few lemurs.

Tourists are offered to feed the birds with nuts and seeds, which are sold in the park. And the outdoor playground will surely interest the children.

Falcon Crest Roof Vogelpark Bird Park

park ptic

Another place where birds live. The attention of visitors is most attracted by falcons, eagles and peregrine falcons. Conditions are created here that are close to the wild habitat of birds. The employees of the park-reserve will tell about the presented birds.

Visitors are allowed to hold the inhabitants of the park in their hands and even feed them. After walking and communicating with wildlife, visitors play mini-golf on a specially equipped playground.

Anne Frank Plant Soen

anne frank park

Wonderful park for relaxation and meditation. Turning his back on the popular Van Abbe Museum of Contemporary Art, the tourist finds himself in a park that smoothly turns into an abandoned forest with a duckweed-covered river, a pond, bridges, narrow paths and other attributes of a romantic place.