TOP 24 best attractions in Alicante


Alicante is a picturesque Spanish city located in the east of the country. It is called the most popular resort of the Costa Blanca. Here you will find entertainment for every taste: the cleanest beaches with white sand, a large number of cultural and architectural monuments, as well as amazing places with a Spanish flavor.


Who and why should go to Alicante

Due to the pleasant mild climate, the city can be visited at any time of the year. The most favorable season: from the end of April to November. Lovers of idle rest are waiting for a large number of well-maintained beaches and the purest water, the quality of which meets the highest requirements. Active tourists will be able to learn the basics of diving, see marine life and the underwater beauty of the Gulf of Follonica.

Alicante will also appeal to connoisseurs of medieval architecture. Also on the territory of the city there are numerous museums, ancient cathedrals and cozy streets with original buildings.

It is also the perfect place for shopping lovers. A large number of shopping centers and shops with souvenirs will amaze the imagination of any shopaholic. Here you will find a wide range of quality clothes, shoes and cosmetics from well-known brands. It is especially worth paying attention to products with the addition of olive oil — it is sold everywhere here. The prices are quite reasonable, an order of magnitude lower than in the capital of Spain and other large cities, and the quality is impeccable.

Young people and lovers of nightlife travel to Alicante. They are attracted by beach parties, bars open until the morning, and large-scale discos in the city square. Well, do not forget that this place is a paradise for gourmets. Great wines, seafood dishes — any delicacies can be tasted here at an affordable price. There are also gourmet restaurants in the city.

architectural structures

Santa Barbara Castle

samok santa barbara

Located in the central part of the town on a hill. The fortress offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. In the evening, colorful shows and festivals are held in the castle. You can go up to the fortress by high-speed elevator (paid service), or free of charge along the footpath. On the territory of the castle there are cafes and eateries, as well as shops with themed souvenirs.

town hall

town hall

The 30-meter-high structure, created in the 18th century, is located on a stone-paved square. The town hall is made in the Renaissance style, decorated with a coat of arms and a clock. Near the entrance to it is the zero altitude above sea level. The building is replete with twisted columns, stucco and elements of religious themes. You can combine a tour of the town hall with a walk along the Esplanade pedestrian boulevard.

Church of St. Mary

cerkov st marii

One of the oldest baroque basilicas, built in the 14th century, is located on St. Mary’s Square. Above the entrance to the temple there is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary of amazing beauty. Near the temple there are cafes and restaurants, sitting in which you can enjoy the bell ringing and the view of the ancient building.

Cathedral of Saint Nicholas

sobor st nikolaya

The cathedral bears the name of St. Nicholas, who is considered the main patron of the city. It was built in a restrained style with early baroque elements. The interior decoration of the temple strikes with colorful chapels, marble trim and tiles. You should also look at the altar, created by Nicolas Borras in the 16th century and fenced with twisted gilded bars.

San Fernando Castle

samok san ferdinando

Built at the beginning of the 19th century as a defensive structure to protect against the French army. The fortress was not used for its intended purpose, as Napoleon’s troops moved to Russia. For several centuries, the building has changed its original appearance more than once, and only two bastions have come down to us. Walking around the castle, you can see the barracks and bunkers, as well as visit the observation deck and observe the surroundings of the city from a height.

House of Carbonel

dom karnobelja

This majestic residential building was built relatively recently — some 100 years ago. The white building attracts the eyes of tourists with multiple architectural elements made in neo-baroque and neoclassical styles. The house is located in close proximity to the seaport. It is residential, so it is not possible to view it from the inside — you will only have to enjoy the appearance of the facade.

Monastery of the Holy Face

monastir st lika

The church was built of stone in 1766 and has the shape of a cross. It contains canvases, which, according to legend, wiped the blood from the face of Jesus Christ. It is this shrine that gathers hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year.

Museums and Libraries of Alicante

Archaeological Museum

archiolog musi

It is considered one of the largest archaeological museums in Spain. It was opened in the early 30s of the twentieth century and was first located in the Palace of Deputies, and then was transferred to the former hospital of San Juan. There is a huge collection of exhibits with a total number of more than 80 thousand. You can listen to a lecture about each item of the exposition by reading a QR code with a smartphone.

Modern Art Museum

musei sovr iskustva

Here are collected the works of contemporary authors. All 4 floors of the building, located in one of the ancient quarters, are filled with paintings, sculptures and installations of contemporary artists. Free admission.

Museum of Fine Arts

musei isyachnih iskustv

The opening of this museum took place in 2001. Here are collected the works of all the famous figures of Alicante. One of the main places of the exposition is occupied by paintings by Emilio Isabela. However, the gallery also exhibits contemporary talent from Spain and other countries. The museum is located in a building formerly owned by the Duke of Lumiarsky and built at the end of the 18th century.

Fernando de Loaces Library


The library complex, known for its unique archive, consists of several halls of different themes: historical, children’s, geographical, exhibition. In one of the halls there is even an exposition of portraits of the 16th-18th centuries.

water museum

musei vodi

Within the walls of this museum, everyone can get acquainted with the features of the device of hydraulic structures and the history of water in Alicante. In total, three floors are allocated for the exposition, and next to the museum building there are several Garrigos tanks dating back to the 16th century.

Parks and natural attractions

Parc de la Hereta

park de la hereta

The total area of ​​this green island is almost 30 thousand square meters. The park is divided into zones full of twisted steps and elegant walking paths. Throughout its area there are benches for rest and flower beds, fruit and olive trees, fruit bushes. Thanks to irrigation systems and fountains, here you can escape the heat even in the midday heat.

Santa Teresa

santa teresa

The square is located near the Bullfighting Arena, and its main attraction is the mausoleum with the remains of the former governor Trino de Quijano, who did not leave the inhabitants of the city during the epidemic and, along with many others, died of cholera. The ensemble is a marble column stretching upwards, symbolizing courage and fortitude. The park is small in area, but equipped with places for recreation.

Plaza Gabriel Miró

ploshad gabriel miro

In fact, this is a small square in the historical part of Alicante. A feature of the square are perennial trees with immense trunks, in the shade of which there are open-air cafes. On the square there is a memorial monument to the writer Gabriel Miro, after whom the park got its name.

San Juan beach

plig san huan

The coastline of white sand stretches for 3 km, and the clear sea and tall shady palm trees make San Juan a favorite vacation spot for couples and families with small children. A wide area will allow everyone to find a piece of secluded space.



A feature of this park is a fucus grove planted here at the end of the 19th century. For lovers of a relaxing holiday, Canalejas is equipped with benches in the shade of plants, and for athletes there are exercise equipment — right in the open air.

El Palmeral

el parmaral

The green area includes a large number of different reservoirs: ponds, rivers, waterfalls, backwaters. Here you can take a walk or rent a boat, boat and go on a trip on the water. Ornamental fish and turtles live in the ponds of El Palmeral, and feeders for feathered inhabitants hang on the trees.

The square is divided into 2 zones: the first is for walking, the second — for outdoor activities. There are playgrounds, a rope park, equipped places for board games. It is also possible to have an outdoor picnic. On weekends, there are mass festivities, colorful performances and performances by artists.

Interesting places in Alicante

three avenues

tri prospekta

One of the favorite places for tourists and locals is the avenue, which combines three main streets: Soto, Mavra and Gadeo. The boulevard is decorated with tall palm trees that allow you to hide from the scorching sun, monuments and memorial buildings. Here is the famous fountain, created in 1930. It is a sculpture of horses with children, framed by the faces of women and openwork ornaments. Walking along the avenue, you can visit numerous cafes or enjoy a dessert bought right there, sitting in the coolness on a bench.



Alicante is a significant exporter of fish and seafood. The port is a symbol of the city, depicted on many postcards and other souvenirs. Huge cargo ships, small yachts and boats — these views can be enjoyed standing on the pier or strolling along the coastline. For lovers of sea trips, it is possible to rent a boat or a catamaran.

Esplanade Boulevard

boulevard esplanade

It is a pedestrian zone with a length of about half a kilometer in the central part of the city. The road is paved with mosaic tiles that create the effect of waves. In the evening, the Esplanade is illuminated by lights, it is filled with street artists and musicians. On both sides of the alley are eateries and souvenir shops.

Arena for bullfighting

arena for korrid

It is located in the central part of the city and in its form resembles the Colosseum. In some provinces, bullfighting is prohibited, but in Alicante this ban does not apply. In addition to bullfights, the arena hosts performances by famous musicians and theatrical performances. Opposite the building is a sculpture of running bulls. By the way, the Bullfighting Museum operates on the territory adjacent to the arena.

Santa Cruz area

santa krus

A small area, consisting of several old quarters, will introduce travelers to the real flavor of Spain. Quiet streets, modest buildings, winding paths — all this bears little resemblance to the picturesque city center. But it is here that you can see how poor Spaniards live and plunge into the true world of local life, hidden from tourists.

Ship «Holy Trinity»


Replica of the ship «Escorial More», built in 1769 and a former participant in famous naval battles. At the same time, the luxury of interior decoration and the huge size of the vessel are simply amazing. This is a truly grandiose building that attracts lovers of beautiful views and photographs.

The bullfighting arena, museums and the port are far from a complete list of Alicante’s attractions.