Water tree of Montenegro — Balkan miracle of nature


For a traveler who appreciates everything natural and beautiful, a trip through the Balkans to Montenegro can be a great adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. Local residents in the village of Dryuna do not have any mystical folk signs or superstitions associated with an amazing phenomenon — the Montenegrin water tree. This is just a rare but wonderful natural phenomenon that has been happening for the last 20-25 years.

water tree

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An old mulberry tree in a meadow with countless underground springs stands firmly for 100-150 years. The core of the tree has been carved by water currents, forming this magical phenomenon. Every time after a heavy rainfall, the surrounding underground springs are flooded, so the overflowing water is pushed up and pours through the tree. This exquisite spectacle makes the Water Tree look like a makeshift fountain that attracts visitors.

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tree with waterfall

This is a great place for travelers who understand the unique natural wonders of the world. The tree became the pride and joy of the Dinosha village.

Looking for something similar, but with an admixture of mystical superstitions? Then head to the Estonian town of Tuhala and find the Witch’s Well. It is strategically located above an underground river, causing water to be thrown up to a height of half a meter after a heavy downpour. This phenomenon has been attributed to the legend of the Tuhala witches, who used to gather in an underground sauna and often hit each other with birch branches, which caused the water to rush out of the well so often.

water tree
So, if you’re looking for a fun-filled trip, be sure to head to Dinosha on a rainy day to watch the Water Tree overflow. Wherever your travels take you, look for the unique things in life that make our world magical.