How to get to the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium in Sochi


Sanatorium them. Ordzhonikidze is located in the Khostinsky district of Sochi. Its history goes back to the first half of the last century. Being a historical architectural monument of the federal level, the sanatorium attracts many travelers, and even local residents often visit it in search of peace and tranquility in the bosom of stunning nature. Everyone, without exception, says that the best views of the Black Sea open from here.

sanatorium ordzhonikidze

10 years ago, the sanatorium was closed for reconstruction, which has not been completed to this day. All this time the territory of the complex is open for visits and excursions. Due to lack of funds and technical difficulties, the fate of this site remains unclear.

On a vast territory of more than 15 hectares, there are many objects, including 9 buildings, harmoniously located around the central building. A special decoration of the resort were its fountains, which are currently not working. Each of the buildings can rightfully be proud of its portico, but the most large-scale columns are near the main building. Even the stairs of the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium impress with their grandeur. Among the sanatoriums in Sochi with treatment, this place was considered the most unique.

ordzhonikidze sochi

Since you can’t go inside the buildings, walking around the entire territory and exploring the sights will take you about two hours. Sports grounds are still open where you can work out, play volleyball, or tennis. There are several playgrounds where children play with pleasure. Previously, the sea could be reached by cable car, which also fell into disrepair and requires repair. However, you can safely walk to the local beach on foot along a scenic path.

Given the unique architecture and beautiful nature, it is not surprising that many films were shot here, including the famous Soviet film «Old Man Hottabych». You can walk through the recognizable places where the events of your favorite childhood films took place.

building of the sanatorium

How to get to the resort

Due to its close location to the city, the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium is extremely accessible for visiting:

  • You can get here quite budgetary by public transport directly from the airport, using buses 105 and 105c.
  • If you come by train, there are buses 121 and 120 from the train station.
  • Bus route 125 goes straight from Imeretinskaya Bay. You will not pass by a stop with the name «Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium», so you can safely use public transport.

However, it is most convenient to drive your own car, which can be parked right at the entrance. At the end of the walk, you can comfortably leave at any time convenient for you, without having to wait for the bus.