The second most popular resort in Cuba is the city of Holguín, which is located in the province of the same name. It is famous for its excellent beaches, luxurious hotels and picturesque nature. Here you can engage in active sports or just lie on the beach.

What is a city?

Holguin is located directly on the island of Cuba and, together with the province, belongs to the Mayabe Valley. The city covers an area of ​​655.9 sq. km and lies at an altitude of 150 m. It is famous for its developed infrastructure and first-class service, so there are all opportunities for an amazing vacation. Usually wealthy tourists come here, so the prices for resorts are much higher than in other places.

If you are interested in the answer to the question of which sea Holguín washes, then it should be said that the city, like all of Cuba, lies in the Caribbean. The number of local residents is 292,581 according to the last census conducted in 2010. There are practically no immigrants here. The population is employed in tourism and industrial enterprises.

What is a city

Excursion into history

The city of Holguin was founded in Cuba in 1523. Initially, it was a small settlement that quickly grew and developed. Just a few years later, large industrial enterprises appeared here. Not far from the settlement (about 30 km) there was a port that has a significant impact on the settlement.

City weather

There is a tropical climate here, which divides the year into 2 seasons: dry and rainy. Downpours in the city begin suddenly and end just as quickly, while they are accompanied by high air temperatures. They usually go from April to November.

From December to March comes the dry season, which is considered the best to visit. The air temperature at this time is +30 °C, and the sea warms up to +28 °C. Humidity can reach 90%.


What to see in the city of Holguin (Cuba)?

The resort is famous for its many parks and squares. Colonial buildings have also been preserved on its territory. There is a rich fauna here: a large number of lizards, snakes and birds live, among which it is worth highlighting the smallest bird in the world — the hummingbird.


If you want to spend your leisure time culturally, then go on excursions around the city of Holguin, because some of its attractions are the property of Cuba. So worth a visit:

  • Cathedral of San Isidoro — it was built in the XVIII century;
  • Loma de la Cruz hill — a staircase of 458 steps leads to it, and a stunning panorama opens from the top;
  • Museum of Natural History named after Carlos de la Torre y Huerta — it is considered one of the best in Cuba;
  • Nipe bay — it is the largest in the country;
  • Indian village — here you will get acquainted with the local way of life and culture.


From the city you can go to the island of Cayo Saetia, Havana or Banes (this is the archaeological capital of the country). Holguín’s surroundings are home to caves, waterfalls, mud baths and hot springs, as well as nature reserves that are popular with ecotourists.



The city of Holguin in Cuba often hosts various cultural events, especially in May and October. At this time, the resort hosts traditional fairs and festivals of Ibero-American culture, which are accompanied by bright and large-scale concerts.

Beaches in Holguin, Cuba

The coast of the resort stretches for 40 km and consists of 41 beaches. All of them are distinguished by fine sand and offer tourists standard water activities. The best of them are:

  • Esmeralda — this is the famous beach in Holguin, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Cuba and is washed by emerald-colored water;
  • Guardalavaca – it is surrounded by a picturesque coral reef that attracts diving and snorkeling enthusiasts;
  • Pesquero – this beach is famous for its beautiful seabed and is suitable for families.


Things to do?

Almost every beach in the resort has instructors teaching tourists the basics of diving. The most famous diving centers are Sea Lovers and Eagle Ray. The best place to dive is the Coral Garden, characterized by a flat bottom, caves, high hills, small valleys and rocks.

Holguin also offers snorkelling and fishing activities. There are equipment rentals on almost every beach. Here you can catch sailfish, barracuda, blue and black marlin, dorado, tuna, etc.


The best hotels in Holguin, Cuba

This resort is considered elite, so there are practically no 3-star hotels here, and housing prices are quite high. A large number of luxury villas and guest houses have been built in Holguin, almost all of them are located on the coast. Guests can use the swimming pool, sun loungers, sun terraces, luggage storage, concierge services and tour desk.

The restaurants serve continental dishes, fruits, fresh juices and water. The staff speaks Spanish and English. You can stay at the resort in such establishments as:

  • Hostal Refugio de Reyes is a guest house with air-conditioned rooms, a swimming pool and a 24-hour front desk.
  • Memories Holguin Beach Resort — this hotel is known not only in Holguin, but throughout Cuba. There are animators, a children’s room and tennis courts.
  • Casa Maria de los Angeles – all rooms have access to the terrace and lounge, they are equipped with the necessary household appliances.


Dining in Holguin

The resort has a huge variety of cafes and restaurants. It serves both traditional Cuban dishes and international ones. The most famous catering establishments in Holguin in Cuba are:

  • Restaurante El Aldabon — a restaurant with Latin American cuisine;
  • Los Lindones Restaurante — here you can try seafood prepared according to Italian recipes;
  • Casa de la Trova — a bar with local cuisine.



The resort has a wide range of shops (Yudit Vidal Faife and Piscolabis) and markets (Guardalavaca Flea Market and Varadero Street Market) where you can buy a variety of goods and souvenirs. There are also shopping centers in Holguin (for example, Plaza La Estrella), where tourists can not only shop, but also enjoy the Cuban atmosphere.


How to get there?

Holguin has an airport, so you can get here from the capital of Cuba by plane in 1.5 hours. You can also drive from Havana to the resort by car along the Autopista Nacional and Carr highways. Central de Cuba, the distance is 735 km. There is also a local railway station and a bus station in the city.

The airport