Memorial to Jose Marti


  • Address: Calle Paseo y Ave. independence. Plaza de la Revolution. La Habana, Avenida Paseo, La Habana, Cuba
  • Height: 109 m

Memorial to Jose Marti

In Havana, on Revolution Square, there is a memorial to José Martí (Monumento a José Martí), which is a high concrete tower lined with gray marble and not having a single window. The monument is dedicated to the progenitor of the modernism of local literature, who is also the apostle of independence in Cuba. There is a monument to him in every city in the country, squares and streets are named after him, but this obelisk is considered the most interesting and grandiose.

Why is the monument famous?

The Jose Marti Memorial is installed in the fashionable district of Havana — Vedado — and is included in the sightseeing tours. This is a rather impressive building, which reaches a height of 109 m. It should be said that in the capital on Prado Boulevard there is also a monument dedicated to the progenitor of the Cuban revolution and which is a large sculpture of the writer. Tourists should be careful when visiting these two sites and not confuse them.

Monument with a pedestal

Construction history

In 1943, the 4th competition took place, at which the project of the José Marti memorial was selected. According to him, Aquiles Maza became the chief architect, and Juan Sicre became the sculptor. In order to bring the project plan to life, it was necessary to demolish the Hermitage, located on this site. However, the Cuban government had problems with this issue, which delayed the start of construction for several years.

In 1952, Batista came to power, wanting to earn the favor of the townspeople, and he took up the construction of a memorial to José Martí. The ruler chose a project designed by a group of architects led by Luis Enrique Varela. Construction work began a couple of months later, but due to lack of resources, the official opening of the monument took place only in 1958.

General form

Description of the José Marti Memorial

This modern monument of Havana stands out sharply against the backdrop of colonial buildings. The memorial is a complex surrounded by 6 columns and a garden. In front of the monument is a marble sculpture of José Marti, reaching a height of 18 m. It is installed on a pedestal, which is often used as a podium at ceremonial events. The stele can be conditionally divided into 2 parts:

  • lower — in cross section it has the shape of a five-pointed star;
  • the upper one is equipped with a closed observation deck.

Inside the building is a conference room for up to 100 people and a museum dedicated to José Martí. In the halls of the institution are stored personal belongings of the writer, photographs, letters and documents. On the walls, visitors will see chapters from his works and excerpts from correspondence. It is also worth paying attention to such exhibits as:

  1. A replica of the Bolivar sword — the weapon was presented to Fidel Castro by the Venezuelan ruler Hugo Chavez in 2002.
  2. Venetian ceramics — it was created by a famous artist in Cuba named Enrique Carabia. The object depicts 89 sayings of the writer, which are covered with 10-carat gilding.
  3. Revolutionary documents — they are connected with the history of the construction of the Revolution Square and with works related to contemporary art.


What you need to know about visiting the José Marti memorial?

If you decide to walk around the structure, then at the end of the tour you will be offered to take the elevator to the observation deck, which is the highest point in Havana. From here you have a stunning view of the capital and its surroundings.

You can get here at any time of the day. In 2010, Revolution Square, along with the buildings located on it, was included in the list of National Monuments of Cuba.

How to get there?

From the center of Havana, you can get to the José Martí Memorial by car or on foot along 10 de Octubre and Avenida Paseo, Carr. Central de Cuba. The distance is about 3 km.