Transparent bubbles in the jungle and rest among the elephants


We have already talked about the many bubble hotels with amazing views, but recently a new miracle has appeared in Thailand. Transparent bubbles have been installed at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, where resort visitors can fall asleep among jungle wildlife, including elephants. Transparent inflatable shelters look quite comfortable and include a bathroom and air conditioning.

bubbles in the jungle

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The cabins called «Jungle Bubbles» were designed by Eye in the Sky. They are made of polyester fabric and have a total living area of ​​22 sq. meters.

bubbles and elephants

Set on an elevated platform with a tunnel entrance, each transparent section of Jungle Bubbles contains a combined bedroom and living area with a king-size bed and multiple seating areas. There are no curtains here, but the bathrooms are located in an adjacent opaque section, so you don’t have to be an exhibitionist to take a shower.

Jungle Bubbles is located on a 65-hectare hillside at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, which overlooks the Mekong and Ruak Rivers in northern Thailand. Elephants live in a camp that is connected to the resort.

elephants in thailand

The resort camp is world famous for its elephant camp. In collaboration with the Asian Elephant Protection Foundation (GTAEF), a complex was created where animals in distress, victims of cruel treatment, or natural disasters are rescued. To date, more than 60 elephants have been rescued from Thailand’s city streets, of which 22 currently live in the jungle camp at Anantara.

hotel among elephants
If you want to spend the night in the Jungle Bubble, rates start at 17,700 baht (approximately $580) per night, which is well above the cost of standard resort rooms. A week’s stay at the resort in a regular room costs about $1,200, depending on the length of stay, time of visit, etc.