Moon Walk in New Orleans


Adjacent to the New Orleans Museum of Art is a beautiful sculpture garden designed to showcase sculptures in nature. It features many works from renowned artists such as Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin.

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Embankment history

When Jackson Square was first laid out in the 1720s, it overlooked the Mississippi River. In the second half of the nineteenth century, after catastrophic floods caused by a failing dam in the Mississippi, New Orleans’ original one-meter high dam was reinforced several times, creating a barrier between the city and the river. During the twentieth century, most of the waterfront was reserved for industry and commerce, and the Port Authority even installed barriers that kept the waterfront inaccessible for decades.

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That all changed in 1976, when a riverfront was built along the Mississippi River, accessible from the French Quarter. The project was named after Mayor Maurice «Luna» Landrieu, during whose reign the embankment was built.

Although the city is still separated by a concrete barrier from flooding, the waterfront is a great place for visitors to stroll right along the mighty Mississippi River. It has become a popular destination for visitors who come here to enjoy the view and escape the city’s humidity. Thanks to the constant breeze, the air here feels much fresher and cooler.

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You can relax on one of the many iron benches while people watch the boats go by. The Port of New Orleans is one of the largest in the US, and there is an intense trade on the Mississippi for all kinds of ships, from historic steamships to huge container ships and cruise ships. The Moon Walk is also a popular spot for street performers, where jazz musicians always perform in exchange for donations.

Washington Artillery Park

You can get to Moonwalk from Jackson Square via Washington Artillery Park, a small park on an elevated square. The park is dedicated to the 141st Field Artillery of the Louisiana National Guard, which was founded in 1838. Centered on a Civil War cannon, the plaza offers great views of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. At the foot of the elevated plaza is an open-air auditorium overlooking Jackson Square. From here, spectators can watch street performers who often perform acrobatic stunts here.

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