Gandeng — the mountain that lays eggs


Located in the Chinese province of Guizhou, Mount Gandeng is an ancient formation that formed over 500 million years ago. A small section of this mountain, about 15 by 7 meters in size, became famous for mysteriously laying stone eggs every 30 years. The eggs come in different sizes. This phenomenon attracted the attention of scientists and travelers, and Mount Gandeng became famous for its uniqueness.

gandeng mountain in china

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A study carried out in this area showed that the composition of this section of the mountain differs from other areas. It is formed from calcareous rocks, which are more prone to erosion. When this rock comes into contact with wind and rain, it collapses much faster, and this process occurs just in the form of spheres. It is still a mystery how these rock formations can be so spherical and smooth, and how they managed to stand the test of half a billion years!mountain that lays eggs

According to popular Chinese beliefs in the nearby village of Gulu, stone eggs are sacred in nature and have become associated with good luck. The hill is referred to as Chang Den Ya (the rock that lays eggs) and at least once a year the villagers go to the foot of the hill to touch these sacred stones. Mount Gandeng has become a popular tourist attraction in China, attracting both Chinese tourists and international travelers.unusual mountain in china

Almost every family in this region has one of these eggs in their home, and many of these stones have a fairly high market value due to the prestige and fame that has enveloped this attraction. At the foot of Gandeng Mountain, about 70 eggs remained. If you want to see new ones, you’ll have to wait another 30 years!