Liquidrom — a futuristic spa in Berlin


This futuristic German spa allows visitors to swim in a salt water pool as well as dive into underwater techno. Piercing the Berlin sky like a surreal crown, the Liquiddrome spa’s exterior looks like something out of a science fiction novel, evoking admiration in the high-tech realm.


Entry related to location: Berlin

The complex is built to look like an abstract tent structure. This design choice honors its former life as a huge railroad station during World War II, where buskers performed wherever they felt comfortable. Inside the ultra-modern structure, all remnants of those days with locomotives are gone, however, they have been replaced by top-class spas with the most advanced spa services.

The liquiddrome is equipped with various saunas and baths, as well as clean new changing rooms. However, all of these standard leisure options pale in comparison to the spa’s crown jewel, the large salt-water swimming pool. Surrounded by large arches, the dimly lit pool is enlivened by colorful lights and music that should be played underwater. From classical to techno, music and lights run different programs that can be checked on the site.

While the purpose of a salt pool is to promote relaxation, the overall effect is just the opposite, like an act out of a fantasy sci-fi classic. It is possible that this is how the future will relax.