Zeil — Frankfurt’s Golden Mile


Zeil, one of the best shopping areas in Germany, offers a variety of shopping opportunities — from huge department stores to chic boutiques. For more than half a century, the Zeil, Frankfurt’s main shopping street, has attracted locals and visitors who enjoy first-class shopping. The Zeil is often referred to as the «Golden Mile» or «Germany’s Fifth Avenue», where there is something for everyone.

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The Zeil Gallery is as famous for its architecture as it is for its shops. Opened in 1992, this ten-story mall features a unique spiral interior. Architects Kramm and Streygal decided to make the interior floors slope so that the visitor could walk to the top of the building without stairs or escalators. Instead, shoppers can access this modern glass and steel structure from top to bottom via centrally located escalators, or a ramp, making it very accessible to the disabled.

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This mall includes a number of shops selling electronics, musical instruments and clothing and is home to several restaurants. The fascinating rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of the city.

Completed in 2010, Palais Quartier is located right on the Zeile. The project includes the existing baroque city palace (restored Palais Thurn y Taxis, built in the early eighteenth century but mostly destroyed during the Second World War) with modern architecture and amenities.

The futuristic Turm am Thurn und Taxis office tower, 135 meters high, and the hotel tower of the Hotelturm are complemented by a large shopping complex. Approximately 48,000 square meters have been dedicated to retail space in the six-story MyZeil shopping complex, formerly known as Zeilforum. MyZeil has a stunning glass façade along a swirl-shaped shopping street. The interior is even more impressive, with irregular ramps and glass columns.