War in Syria: Aleppo «Before» and «After»


These «Before» and «After» photos of the city of Aleppo show what the war has done to the largest city in Syria. Here are collected 20 photographs of one of the most ancient cities in the world — the Syrian capital of Aleppo, the most affected as a result of merciless hostilities. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City of Aleppo was virtually razed to the ground.

A military confrontation that continues to this day began in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, on July 19, 2012. During the long civil war, all of Syria was engulfed in numerous conflicts in which millions of people suffered.

Cases have been recorded when the Syrian army dropped banned cluster bombs from helicopters, as well as used chemical weapons. Thousands of people died and millions became refugees. As a result of the battles, the Old City of Aleppo was catastrophically destroyed.