9 photos of catastrophic pollution of the Earth


The earth is in danger! She is constantly under attack by… disgusting people. She barely manages to withstand the terrible blows that humanity inflicts. Don’t believe? Here are 9 photos that will finally convince you.

Death due to plastic

This Albatross was found in the North Pacific Ocean. This is not the only animal that has died as a result of ingesting plastic waste. There are hundreds of bird species that have repeated the same terrible fate.

Citarum River

5 million Indonesian people depend on this river for their only source of water. Unfortunately, this is one of the most polluted rivers on the planet. You can probably guess for yourself how short life expectancy is in this region.

Riachuelo Basin

This Argentine body of water is surrounded by thousands of factories, slums and garbage dumps. Not surprisingly, pollution in this region leads to serious health problems.

garbage wave

This Indonesian surfer is captured in a bad shot on a trash wave. The action takes place in the overpopulated region of Java in Indonesia.

Yamuna river

Approximately 60 percent of the garbage in Indian Delhi is dumped directly into this river, but the people who live here still depend on this water source for drinking water, bathing and washing clothes.

Tianyin, China

Don’t come to Tianyin unless you’re dreaming of serious lead poisoning. The city is the largest lead producer in China. The level of air pollution here exceeds all permissible norms by dozens of times.

Oil spill

Many species suffer during oil spills. The poor duck in the photo is a victim of the functioning of our insane society.


This overcrowded Bangladeshi city has serious problems with waste disposal due to the huge number of residents and high population density. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Stork in trouble

Environmental pollution has caused a catastrophic decline in the stork population. In this photo, the stork was captured by a plastic bag tightly wrapped around its body.

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