The smallest hotel Utter Inn


Utter Inn in Sweden is the smallest and most romantic hotel in the world. This small hotel floats in the middle of Lake Malaren, near the Swedish city of Västerås. This is a tiny red hut with two anchors weighing about 12 kilograms each holding the platform. The house is surrounded by a comfortable veranda, which allows guests to enjoy the view in complete relaxation.

small hotel Utter Inn

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The Utter Inn was built by sculptor Mikael Genberg, who designed the structure as part of a trilogy called «Alternative Living Spaces». Utter INn has only two rooms: one is located on the surface of the structure and the other is located 3 meters below the surface of the lake! In the list of the most amazing hotels under water Utter Inn rightfully takes its place.

On the floor above the water level there is a bathroom and kitchen, and in the room under water, which can be reached by stairs, there is a bed area and a window with a panoramic view of the seabed. The hotel only accommodates one couple of guests who have access to a small boat. With its help, you can move around and visit the nearby islands.

This small and charming cottage is located an hour and a half from Stockholm and about a kilometer from the coast of Västerås, which can be reached by boat from the port of Östra Hamnen. The hotel is open from April to October during the warmer months. I advise you to also explore the selection of the strangest hotels, where Utter Inn is also present.