Adventures on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a well-known holiday of love, on this day two loving people must confess their feelings to each other in the form of a valentine. Most often, this holiday is celebrated by two in the simplest way — this is, of course, a romantic evening by candlelight, instead of doing something more active. Something as exciting as rock climbing is a surefire way to add a little thrill and spice to your relationship on this beautiful day. Therefore, we offer several options.: What to offer your soulmate on this day.

Take up jumping

For example, you can jump on a trampoline, or try something more extreme like skydiving. Whatever you choose, it will be a lot of fun and your soul mate will definitely like it. The main thing is that your beloved appreciates the efforts and takes risks for you, because for sure she will also want to get a dose of adrenaline, she will remember this day forever, and you will win her heart.

Rock climbing

Well, if the weather does not allow you to make parachute jumps and get out somewhere in nature — in this case, you probably have a rock climbing school in your city. Conquer the walls of this hall together, this will give strength to your relationship. If you are afraid of heights, then leave the fear at home, at least for one day!

winter adventure

On February 14, there is probably still snow in the mountains. Challenge your loved one on Valentine’s Day and go snowboarding or skiing in the mountains. Whoever wins, you will be left with unforgettable impressions. What could be better than winter adventures with your beloved?

Ride a quad bike

On ATVs you can ride both in snowy weather and in sunny weather. If there are a lot of puddles, then it’s generally fine, go on an ATV trip with your beloved and you will both have unforgettable adventures. You can ride on the distillation, or whoever gets more dirty in the mud.

Hot air balloon travel

One of the most romantic activities on this day will be a hot air balloon ride. Agree that it will please both you and her. And if you go during sunset, you can watch a stunning view. The main thing is to dress warmly and keep your beloved warm.


Of course, this is not quite a traditional Valentine’s Day activity, however, you will make an amazing impression on your beloved. Contact non-profit organizations, they always need volunteers to walk or feed the animals.

Run for races

If the weather is beautiful and sunny, then go for a run to the nearest park with your beloved, this will raise your morale. Running to the races on Valentine’s Day, what could be more romantic?!


Surely there is a skating rink in your city in winter — take your skates, your beloved and a good mood, go to the rink, and it doesn’t matter if one of you doesn’t know how to skate, a few falls will be very helpful. And then go for a cup of hot chocolate, which is known for its stimulating effect!))

urban adventure

Go to a neighboring city, explore the far corners of this city with your beloved, book a hotel room where you will go after your long day trips.

If you spend this day with your beloved, then it will surely be wonderful, because the main thing is not the place, but the person with whom you are close and feels good! Have a great Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget a little valentine for your sweetheart or lover!