Hukou Yellow Waterfall in China


Yellow waterfall can be seen in China — Hukou Falls along the Yellow River is the world’s largest yellow waterfall. In addition to rivers, waterfalls can also be found on ice shelves or icebergs when meltwater flows along the edge of a structure. In several areas, waterfalls can only occur during the rainy seasons, or during heavy snowmelt. The depth and width of the falls vary from one region to another mainly due to the geology and the amount of running water.

hukou yellow waterfall

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Places like Victoria Falls attract a large number of tourists because of their unique beauty. Hukou Falls is one of the unique ones due to the fact that it is the largest yellow waterfall in the world. Because of its size, Hukou is often considered the only yellow waterfall in the world, but there are others, including Bali’s Dusun Kuning.

Dimensions of Hukou Falls

Hukou Falls is the second largest waterfall in China and is usually about 30 meters wide before the start of the flood season. After the start of the flood season, the width of the waterfall increases to about 50 meters. Hukou Falls is located on China’s Yellow River and is the largest waterfall along the river. The Hukou is formed when the Yellow River flows between the Hukou Mountains. Mountains limit the path of the river, reducing its width to a very small size. Due to the reduced width, the speed of the water in the river increases dramatically. The water of the river flows at high speed over a small hole in the rock.hukou in china

Hukou waterfall name

The word Hukou means «teapot neck», referring to the unique location of the falls. When water flows through a narrow gorge, it looks like boiling water flowing out of a kettle. When the waterfall reaches the ground, it lifts into the air a huge water mist, reminiscent of steam from a kettle. Because of the great similarity between the waterfall and the teapot, the waterfall got its name Hukou

waterfall yellow

The waters of the Hukou Falls are yellow in color due to the high rainfall in the Yellow River. Research by Rice University shows that the Yellow River carries nearly 20 times more precipitation, including about 1.6 billion tons of silt per year. Nearly 95% of the river’s energy is available to carry sediment downstream, unlike other rivers such as the Amazon or the Mississippi which use 40 to 60% of their energy. The deposits usually cover vast distances due to their small size.yellow waterfall

Tourism along Hukou

Hukou Falls is considered one of the best tourist destinations in China due to its unique color and size. In 1991, the waterfall was listed as one of the 40 places to visit in China. Tourism company data shows that Hukou Falls receives more than 100,000 visitors annually. Tourists mainly visit this place from April to May, and from September to November.