Traveling in Ukraine: Three directions


Enormous in size and diverse in culture and landscape, Ukraine offers its guests many interesting sights. Mostly unknown to the world, the country’s main destinations include a number of interesting cities, an impressive cultural heritage and, of course, top-notch nature reserves.

To start, head to the amazing city of Lviv, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a lively place, a real center of learning and culture in the country. Its cobblestone streets are lined with monuments dating back to medieval times but untouched by the ravages of wars that have so drastically changed some other cities in Ukraine. Even the extensive Soviet planning that has shaped many other places in eastern Europe has left only a minimal mark on the striking combinations of building styles.

Major attractions include Rynok Square and several beautiful churches. For an even deeper cultural experience, try the exquisite collection of the Lviv National Art Gallery. Also visit the High Castle Park, which you can read more about on the pages of LifeGlobe.

Most foreign tourists begin their acquaintance with the country from Kyiv. The golden roofs of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites — St. Sophia Cathedral and the Pechersk Lavra will not leave anyone indifferent. Stroll along Andreevsky Descent, Kyiv’s Montmartre, where you’ll find a bustling mix of artists and souvenir vendors. Follow in the footsteps of the Apostle Andrew, who, according to legend, climbed the steep stairs of this bohemian quarter two thousand years ago, where at the top is a church bearing his name. Don’t miss the excellent Pirogov Folk Architecture Museum. Kyiv is one of the best places to visit the busy markets of Ukraine.

In terms of natural attractions, the beautiful Carpathians are one of the best places the country has to offer. These are beautiful panoramas of forested hills, lush valleys and snowy peaks with ample opportunities for hiking, cycling and winter sports. The rather little explored Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is another great choice for nature lovers and bird watchers.