The world’s largest field of tulips bloomed in Crimea


Sixty kilometers from Simferopol with. The world’s largest tulip field bloomed in amber. «Tulip«from the Turkish «Tulbend» -» turban «. According to one version, the flowers have Crimean roots. They were brought to the court of the Sultan in the 16th century from the Crimea, and in 1593 from the Ottoman Empire through Vienna they came to Holland. After 4 centuries » Dutch» returned to the Crimea. All photos can be opened in a separate window in a larger size, just click on the photo.

field of tulips in Crimea

The entry refers to the place: Krasnogvardeyskoe

The Crimeans overtook the Dutch not only in the area of ​​fields, but also in the flowering rate — 1.5 times. This indicator is calculated very simply: the number of germinated flowers from 100 planted bulbs. In Poland and the Baltic States, 60 tulips come out, in the Dutch — 65, and in the Crimea — 95.

Every year in April look at tulip parade Hundreds of tourists come with cameras, admire the riot of colors. Today, the tulip field has grown in quantity — this year a record has been broken: 62 varieties of tulips sprouted at once, and in the best Soviet times there were only 48 of them in the collection. Among the stars of this season are tulips Verona. A yellow flower that at first glance is mistaken for a peony: it has 36 petals!

Crimean tulips tulip verona

Of the beginners, tulips that look like roses are also surprised by bright terry rich tomato red color with a golden core. ABBAnamed after the legendary Swedish quartet.

world's largest tulip field Crimean tulips

The parade of new beauty is complemented by Claudia Schiffer and Marilyn Monroe. And of course, the legendary Abu Hasan (dark chocolate with a bright cream border) — Raisa Gorbacheva’s favorite tulips.

abuhasan abuhasan

tulips Monsella

tulip monsella monsella2

tulips white hawk

whitehawk whitehawk1

tulips Orange Princess

orange princess orangeprinces

Variety fire queen

fire queen firequeen1

Tulip Christmas Dream 🙂

christmas dream christmasdream1

Particular attention should be paid Tulip Parade. The variety has existed since 1982, when the Crimean tulips broke the long-term hegemony of the official flower of the country — a restrained, modest carnation. In the 80s, tulip bulbs were supplied from the Crimean nursery to all regional centers of the country from Kaliningrad to Omsk and Vladivostok. And already there, in the greenhouse complexes, the living were «expelled» for the holidays tulips for the proletariat. And behind the Kremlin wall, flower growers with the most impeccable reputation planted bulbs in the fall, and right in time for the May celebrations of labor and peace, they bloomed along the given line of the “red star” or “hammer and sickle”.

paradtulip parad2

In Soviet times, the colored stripe stretched for 12 kilometers, and at the same time 45-48 million buds bloomed there! At the same time, a branch of the North Crimean Canal was stretched specially to the fields.


This is what the huge sprinklers look like, which are used to water the fields of tulips

polivalki] polivalki3

Some more interesting photos:

photointr4 photointr3i

photointr65 fields of tulips in Crimea