Top 20 attractions in Egypt


One of the oldest tourist destinations in the world, Egypt has captivated travelers for centuries with its collection of world-famous ancient monuments and legendary national treasures. Egypt’s attractions are extremely diverse, from world-famous historical sites to laid-back beach resorts. Here you will find a list of the 20 most beautiful places to visit in this country.

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Alexandria — historical port

The second largest city in Egypt with a Mediterranean cosmopolitan atmosphere, somewhat reminiscent of Marseille, or Athens. Known for its high-end buildings and grandiose squares, Alexandria was once a very fashionable city. Although that charm has faded a bit, there are still many interesting sights of Egypt to be found here. From the tranquil royal gardens of Montaza Palace, to the historic 15th-century citadel of Kite Bay, you’ll always find interesting places to visit. Alternatively, visit one of the many antique coffee houses where you can enjoy coffee and shisha while looking out over the Mediterranean Sea.


Cairo — the bustling capital of Egypt

Once you get over the culture shock of chaos and noise, you will immediately realize that this city is a traveler’s dream and one of the most important destinations for a trip to Egypt. History fans will also be in their element here, with ancient traditions perfectly preserved in all corners of the city of historical buildings. Of course, there is also an endless supply of ancient temples, tombs, churches, monuments and museums to explore. Don’t leave without visiting the famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar, or other street markets, especially if you’re looking for souvenirs. Everything is here, from exotic carpets to brass trinkets.


The Red Sea is a paradise for divers

A highlight for many travelers is the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh, filled with luxury hotels, casinos, nightclubs and tourists. People here enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh are very popular, although the real gem of this area is the Red Sea. The Red Sea has clear azure waters with an incredible array of exotic fish and corals, which is why it is so highly regarded among diving enthusiasts. In fact, this natural wonder offers some of the best scuba diving in the world. You definitely won’t regret going to one of the many diving schools.

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Pyramids at Giza

One of the most attractive historical monuments in Egypt is the legendary Egyptian pyramids of Giza. No visitor to the country should leave without visiting the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza. It is the only one of the seven remaining wonders of the ancient world over 4,600 years old. An impressive sight awaits you, and the whole complex is still shrouded in mystery. The main pyramids can be explored in about 2 hours, but it’s best to spend a full day in this area if possible.

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Luxor — the capital of the pharaohs

One of the best cities to explore in Egypt is the city of Luxor. There are only a few places in the world that can be called an open-air museum, and the Egyptian city of Luxor is certainly one of them. The number of preserved monuments in the Luxor area is unparalleled anywhere else in the world, so a visit to Egypt is not complete without a tour of the capital of the pharaohs. Spend the day in the Valley of the Kings and Queens, home to over 60 underground tombs. Be sure to set aside time to visit the impressive temples of Luxor and Karnak.


Nile is the main river of Egypt

The best way to explore one of the most famous rivers in the world is on a cruise that lasts more than a few days. The Nile is rich in interesting flora and fauna, and a trip along the famous river will give you an interesting insight into the rural areas of the country. You can also stop and walk among a large number of famous temples and other ancient monuments. Don’t miss the chance to stop along the banks of Aswan to watch the sunset on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Nile.

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Dahab is a paradise for divers

Dahab is a laid-back resort town located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula. This beautiful city attracts both hippies and travelers who want to stay in a quiet place that is not filled with tourists all year round. People love Dahab because of the incredible natural beauty of one of the most picturesque resorts in the country. You will enjoy Egypt’s golden sandy beaches with incredible sea views that stretch across the bay to the Hijaz Mountains in Saudi Arabia. Under water there is also a lot of beauty with corals and marine life, so Dahab is considered one of the best places for scuba diving and snorkeling on the peninsula. The famous Blue Hole is also located near Dahab — a gaping funnel carved by sea waves right in the reef. The perfectly blue water of Dahab is not the only attraction in the region. You can also go to the Bedouin desert to the west of Dahab. It is a peaceful place with many places to explore.


Mount Sinai — holy mountain

The Sinai peninsula of Egypt is definitely worth the trip and experience the rest of the country in a different way. Mount Sinai is a popular tourist attraction in Egypt. It has great religious significance, being mentioned many times in the book of Exodus, the Bible and the Koran. In Christianity, this is the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Hiking on this holy mountain is extremely popular among tourists. Many prefer to take a night walk, getting up early at 2-3 am to watch the biblical sunrise.


Monastery of Saint Catherine

The monastery of St. Catherine is located just below Mount Sinai. This is a very old and very important tourist site in Egypt, which has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the oldest active monastery in the world. This unusual and strangely beautiful building is located in the middle of hundreds of kilometers of arid landscapes. There are many sacred artifacts here that will be of interest to believers, including the relics of St. Catherine.

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Siwa Oasis

The Siwa Oasis is often cited as one of the most stunning places to visit in Egypt. Located by the Egyptian sand sea (in the Libyan desert), it has its own Sivan culture, which is different from the traditional Arab culture. The Sivans speak their own language and the area is known for its hot springs, fine decorations, delicious cuisine and olives. Stay here for a few days and forget about the time — swim in the springs, or just admire the desert scenery.

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White Desert — a unique place in Egypt

The fabulous White Desert is a very interesting area in Egypt, which is located 50 kilometers north of the city of Farafra. Hikers are drawn to the otherworldly beauty of the desert with bizarre, ghostly white rock formations sprouting from the desert sands. The strange structures are actually huge chalk formations created by sandstorms in the area. Especially popular are jeep safaris in the desert.

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Hurghada is a popular beach resort

Hurghada is a stunning resort town located on the northeast coast of Egypt, just below the Gulf of Suez. The Hurghada Riviera stretches for 60 kilometers along the Red Sea coast and is home to many luxury resorts. Originally a fishing town, Hurghada has grown rapidly over the past few decades to become a tourist destination. The region has many great restaurants, entertainment and accommodation options. The most luxurious resorts in Hurghada are Makadi Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna. However, it is the stunning natural beauty of Hurghada that is the highlight of this place. There are many pristine beaches with bright white sand and crystal clear waters. The coastline is also dotted with coral reefs with the best diving and snorkeling opportunities in Egypt. You can also swim with dolphins off the coast of Aden Beach Resort. Don’t forget to explore the sea creatures at Hurghada Grand Aquarium and be sure to visit the East Arabian Desert. There are many tours available, including quad biking excursions to historical sites.

Gulf of Taba

Taba is one of the most impressive places to visit in Egypt. It is a colorful little town located on the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. Despite its small size, it is often crowded because it is used as a border crossing to Israel. Numerous Egypt attractions are concentrated in the Taba area, including Taba Heights Water World, Zaman Castle, Motors Sports Canyon and the stunning Salah El Din Castle. The landscape of Taba is absolutely magnificent and you will be constantly amazed at how picturesque the place is. Fjord Bay is a short drive from Taba. It is a natural bay that has become a popular destination for swimming, diving, hiking, boating and many other outdoor activities. The bay is surrounded by hills that slope gently down to stunning blue water.

Aswan — an important city on the Nile

Aswan is a historic city on the Nile River. One of the most visited cities in Egypt, this magnificent metropolis is located in an idyllic location with untouched nature and scenic views. In addition, the city itself is filled with many amazing old buildings that give it a delightful atmosphere. Aswan is one of the oldest cities in Egypt and has a rich history that goes back thousands of years. There are many beautiful places to visit including the Aswan Botanical Garden, the ruins of Abu, the tombs and Elephantine Island. This is the perfect place to learn more about the rich culture and vast history of Egypt.

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Temples of Abu Simbel

The Temples of Abu Simbel are one of the most recognizable historical sites in Egypt. These are massive rock temples built by the ancient Egyptians between 1264 BC and 1244 BC. The Temple of Ramesses is one of six majestic structures built in Nubia during the reign of Ramesses II. The scale of the Temples of Abu Simbel is incredible. Their beauty still attracts millions of visitors every year.

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Nuweiba is an attractive coastal city

Nuweiba is a coastal city located on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The attractive vacation city is surrounded by the pristine blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and the bright red sands of Sinai. Nuweiba has many beautiful spots, including the Colored Canyon, a narrow trail surrounded by beautiful cliffs. You will be amazed by the variations in the shades of the stone, from deep purple to bright yellow. Bedouin guides will guide you through the canyons and explain the meaning of the canyon in their culture.


Another important place in the vicinity of Nuweiba is Ain Khudra, a natural oasis near the city. It is often used as a place for hiking and meditation, with beautiful palm trees and pools. The area also has many incredible natural stone sculptures. The many dive sites off the coast of Nuweiba will leave no one indifferent, including the Danube Reef and Coral Island with a variety of marine life.

Rosetta and Rosetta Stone

Rosetta (also called Ar Rashid) is a city on the west bank of the Nile River, 65 km northeast of Alexandria. Founded in the 9th century, Rosetta has an interesting history, incredible architecture and vibrant culture. Rosetta is mostly known as the birthplace of the Rosetta Stone, which was used to translate Ancient Egyptian into Ancient Greek. It is a beautiful metropolis with amazing Islamic architecture and many wonderful sights. You will enjoy wandering the winding streets and admire the ancient mansions of Rosetta with beautiful rustic brickwork.

Al Badari

Al-Badari is located on the east bank of the Nile River in Upper Egypt. It is an important monument that is known all over the world thanks to the ancient cemeteries discovered by the British in the 1920s. In the cemeteries you can see incredible ancient Egyptian sculptures and architecture. Archaeologists find here graves from the period 5500 — 4000 BC. These beautiful places will give you a real insight into the history of Egypt.


The ancient city of Berenice is another popular destination for tourists interested in exploring the most beautiful parts of Egypt. Located on the Red Sea, the city was founded as a trading port in 275 BC. and quickly became an important economic center in the region. One of the most interesting places to visit near Berenice is the Temple of Babylon, built by Trajan and Tiberius. This large Roman temple is in excellent condition and is one of the most impressive in the region. The outer walls of the temple are decorated with various works of art, including images of Emperor Tiberius.


The coast of Berenice has many unspoiled natural bays and coves. You can also explore the stunning Zabargad Island, which was previously mined for a semi-precious stone called olivine. The area has a variety of breathtaking views and plenty of marine life. Berenice is also a great place to go snorkelling, diving or just relaxing on one of Egypt’s many beaches.

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is another great resort town in Egypt. Located on the Red Sea, the resort is famous for its pristine beaches and numerous coral reefs. Abu Dabab Bay is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the city. The U-shaped natural bay with crystal clear water is famous for a variety of wildlife including turtles, dugongs and dolphins. The Wadi el-Gemal National Park lies south of the city. This is a large park with a varied landscape that includes islands, desert, waterfalls and coral reefs. You can spend many days exploring this place and marvel at its spectacular beauty. If you liked the sights of Egypt from this list, then why not take a trip right now?

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