Lexiaguo — Red Earth of China


Vibrant soil and a canvas of crops create China’s famous «Red Land» landscape. Lexiaguo is one of those places on earth that is hard to believe exists. The surreal landscapes of a wide palette of farmland have surprised many pragmatists, who are sure that the photos were edited in Photoshop. But it’s not — Lexiaguo is actually so colorful, and this breathtaking sight really exists in Southern China.

lesiaguo in china

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Lexiaguo is known as «Red Earth» because of its bright colors, where the soil is tinted with oxidized iron. The earth, densely saturated with minerals, took on a dark brown and reddish hue. But the soil is only part of the secret to the fantastic countryside. Despite being less popular, Lexiaguo can be included in the list of the most unusual places in the world.

red earth china
At an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, an ocean of varied agricultural land and white flowers, covered with patches of oxidized red earth, stretches. Lacking significant infrastructure and government institutions, the region is largely self-employed farmers who grow individual crops on the terraced slopes of the province.

While the lack of organization has left the area underdeveloped, it has also contributed to the dramatic differences in color and yield in the Lexiaguo terraced farmland, and has made the area a stunning natural wonder. Thanks to this, a stream of tourists rushed here, and local residents now have additional income. If you managed to get here, then visit one of the unusual restaurants in China with a unique rural charm and special dishes of the region.